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Adetunji Adelakun, Co-founder and CEO, Scantranx Technologies

Scantranx Technologies: Seamlessly Enhancing Customer Experience

With the implementation of newer technologies in the retail and wholesale business, the industry has seen a straightforward methodology. However, integrating innovative technologies comes with its own sets of challenges for its user. To simplify these challenges, Scantranx Technologies has developed a platform that offers simplified inventory management, reports, and analytics, with API integration.
Adetunji Adelakun, the Cofounder and CEO of Scantranx, is a seasoned Software Engineer with vast experience in world-class IT firms in Canada, Europe, and Africa. He is highly passionate about providing innovative solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) for rapid business growth.
In our endeavor to find “The 10 Most Reliable POS Solution Providers 2021,” we came across Scantranx Technologies. We talked with Adetunji to gain insights into the company’s simplified approach that makes them best-in-class.
The Synoptic View
Founded with a vision of increasing and improving productivity in the retail sector with advanced and unique technologies, Scantranx focuses on Mobile Innovations and customized software applications for the retail industry.
Scantranx prides itself in bringing innovative solutions for better and more effective business processes across domains. The company’s mission is to create a highly cost-effective, reliable, and flexible solution to support retail businesses that meet global standards.
The primary objective of Scantranx is to improve the functionalities of the POS system through product upgrades and continuous integration with powerful tools required to drive retail business growth.
A Straightforward Methodology
Apart from offering a platform to adopt omnichannel retail in a simple and effective model, Scantranx helps businesses reduce operational costs and improve customer experience. It provides the retailer a platform with integrated components such as a powerful Smart Inventory management system, Retail Point of Sales (POS) Software, eCommerce, Customer Loyalty. Along with a built-in API for third-party integration and a powerful analytics dashboard for retailers to make informed business decisions in real-time.
Available on major operating platforms like Android and Windows, Scantranx POS can be used by any retailer irrespective of the size of the business. Its product can integrate seamlessly with existing hardware and can also be customized based on request. It is use to effectively keeps track of retail product catalogs, multiple inventories, and customer data; the Scantranx solution integrates every aspect of a retail business in a single, easy-to-use package.
A Customers Choice
Scantranx has become a preferred choice amongst its competitors because of several factors in its relentless pursuit of being the best of the best. It offers a good and modern solution at an affordable price, a great customer support system, stress-free project implementation, and finally, working with an award-winning company that provides an effective solution for the retail sector.
The Fundamental Values
Staying on the top requires a committed and dedicated, and innovative approach; following this approach, Adetunji says, “Innovation is at the core of what we do at Scantranx.”
The core values at Scantranx are Integrity, Innovative, Fun, and Teamwork. The company values integrity and innovation, engaging in lots of R&D projects to break new ground in the retail and payment industry.
The Impact of the Pandemic
Expressing his thoughts, Adetunji states that there is no doubt that the retail sector was greatly affected by the pandemic; most retailers were forced to shut their doors to customers during the lockdown. However, He saw a lot of transformation in the industry due to the pandemic, which is a great opportunity for the retail technology providers.
Adetunji expects to see more growth amongst innovative retail tech companies in the future as the pandemic greatly accelerated adoption of eCommerce and digital transformation.
More retailers have begun to re-open businesses, and Adetunji foresees more opportunities in Omnichannel solutions, Digital and Personalized solutions, eCommerce, Customer Loyalty, and Contactless payment solutions.
The Post-Pandemic Approach
Overcoming the difficulties of the pandemic, the future of Fintech post-COVID-19 is very promising. Presently, Adetunji is seeing a lot of great Fintech startups springing up across the globe since the beginning of the pandemic and mentions that the industry will be more competitive.
As one of the leading retail technology providers, Scantranx is well-positioned to maintain its leadership position. It differentiated itself from competitors based on innovative and technological capacity. A few of its strategies include leveraging modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, providing valuable offerings at an affordable cost, and establishing valuable partnerships in the industry.
Helping Hand to the Community
Scantranx has contributed excellently to the community; it has several yearly Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Some of them sponsor local events for kids, sporting activities and support local small businesses through consultation at discounted rates.
Moving Forward
Talking about the future, Adetunji says, “I aspire to see Scantranx grow as a global company with at least a presence in every continent. In the next five years, I plan to extend our services through strategic partnerships with retailers, technology vendors, and Value-Added Resellers (VAR) across the globe.”