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Intuition Systems: Digitally Empowering All Merchants to Build and Run a Successful Business

The cloud-based point-of-sale (PoS) systems can integrate with mobile devices and help business owners and retailers to manage and automate their businesses effectively. Evolved POS functionalities in cloud-based software help restaurants and retail owners easily manage their billing and transactions by providing a user-friendly experience. Intuition Systems empowers entrepreneurs to run a successful business with a powerful all-in-one platform for POS, business management, and automation software services. Intuition Systems is a cloud-based point of sale and ‘ERP lite’ software (SAAS) company that has built an all-in-one billing, payments, business management, and business automation platform for restaurants and retail stores.
In 2012, Intuition Systems’ Co-Founder and CEO Anand Asaithambi and Co-Founder Dr. Arun Asaithambi tried to set up a POS system for their restaurants in Bangalore, Dosai Asai Foods. They could only find very expensive, outdated, difficult to use, humongous legacy systems that were hard to use. This prompted them to put together their own mobile POS system. After exiting their restaurant business, Intuition Systems was formed to develop further, build and commercialize this android-based mPOS billing, payments, and business management system called IVEPOS ( Intuition Version of Point of Sales). IVEPOS is India’s first Android POS platform. Mr. Anand led Intuition systems from a start-up to a fast-growing POS and ERP lite software (SAAS) company.
Addressing the Unmet Need of Business Management
India’s traditional POS industry comprises legacy systems consisting of four major modules to run a restaurant or retail store: I) a point-of-sale billing computer, 2) a payment module to accept cards or cash, 3) printer, 4) a back-office business management software. These traditional Windows-based legacy POS systems are currently being replaced by mobile and powerful android-based all-in-one mPOS systems integrating all the four major modules.
Although an emerging high-growth industry, there is a huge need for robust software to power these new android mPOS devices at an affordable cost. Intuition Systems’ product IVEPOS software addresses this unmet need. IVEPOS is an easy-to-use, powerful all-in-one Android-based POS and “ERP Lite” platform with more than 100+ features, including billing, payments, and business management for restaurants and retail stores. IVEPOS Point of Sale Software is precisely crafted for all Businesses. It works for businesses from retail to quick-serve to restaurants and bars.
Intuition Systems has a disruptive, hi-tech, cloud-enabled POS and “ERP lite” platform with more than 100+ features. It can be seamlessly integrated into a small 5.5″ mobile android POS or larger devices that can transform the POS hardware into a powerful all-in-one device and aggregator.
This can digitally empower all merchants, including the micro-merchants, to build and run a successful business, perform complex ops, boost revenues, communicate with vendors and customers. It provides banking functionalities anywhere anytime at an affordable cost vs expensive management, and ERP software (SAP)is available in the market. Previously, this was just not possible in India and was not available for smaller merchants until now.
Integrating POS Functionalities with Comprehensive Business Management Platform
Previously, the Indian POS industry was comprised of legacy systems or manual billing machines. India POS players-built windows and web-based software for legacy systems. These systems were expensive, difficult to use, prone to system crashes, and had data loss and security issues. Some of the primary windows and Web-App-based POS companies include Go Frugal, POSIST etc. There was no all-in-one POS that could do more than billing and payments without a need to buy additional resources, including accounting, ERP, CRM, and management resources.
Intuition Systems was one of the earliest Android-based mobile POS software companies that integrated basic POS functionalities with a more comprehensive, easy-to-use ERP lite features for business management and automation at a very affordable cost.
IVEPOS differentiator versus the competition is an easy-to-use, Intuitive POS system that requires very less training time for employees. Intuition Systems specializes in IVEPOS exclusive features include android-based advanced ingredient management, multi-store, and multi-device management, Counter wise KOT, merge, split tables, and many more.
Providing Smooth Delivery and Transaction Options
The outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown deeply impacted the retail and restaurant sectors, especially owners, employees, delivery staff, farmers, operators, and just about everyone in the retail and food business. Due to this pandemic situation, retailers need a robust solution like IVEPOS point of sale software for improving businesses.
Intuition Systems help business owners manage transactions, measure inventory, engage customers, and manage employees with an easy-to-track option for order and accept payments. With accelerating digital technology these days, customers can order and pick up orders at the fingertip of mobile. So, business owners should invest in the upcoming technology to offer smooth delivery and transaction options.
Helping Business Owner Engage with Customers and Increase Revenue
As a cloud-based system built for restaurants and retail, IVEPOS offers functionality like mobile POS systems, inventory management, sales analytics, CRM, and customer loyalty on an easy-to-use interface. They can use the IVEPOS point of sale system instead of a cash register and track sales and inventory in real-time, manage employees and stores, engage with customers and increase your revenue.
Expanding Licensing and Distribution Partnerships
Intuition Systems’ immediate goal is to expand its licensing and distribution partnerships in India and Asia-Pacific, increase its play store downloads, and deploy its e-commerce tools.
Intuition Systems’ long-term goals are to sell about 2.5 Million licenses in the next four years and emerge as a leading one-stop cloud-based restaurant and retail store management software and automation software.
Improving User Experience with User-friendly Software Interface
I can say that this is a quality product with room for improvement, and the team is prepared to adapt and improve. GREAT TEAM. I live in New Zealand, and when I purchased a license for my son’s cafe, I needed a few features that would improve the user experience. They were quick to arrange a phone call and took on board the requests. This shows their willingness to engage with end-users to deliver a product that is fit for use. I wish them the very best. IVEPOS is definitely value for money” —⁠— Hungry Brothers
“We have been using this POS for the last four years. Very user-friendly and helps us to retrieve data at the end of the day. They have also updated the version, which is even better. And most importantly, their backup team is very responsive if you need any help” —⁠— Chakum Chukum
“The Intuition Systems team responds very well, and the software is easy to understand. Its handling is smooth, and icons are well designed and user-friendly.” —⁠— Neighbour’s Café
“The software is simple and has a user-friendly interface. Fantastic.” —⁠— Tibetan Kitchen
“Thanks to Intuition Systems for providing such a friend user app …” —⁠— IVR fresh foods