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Fadi Sawaya, CEO, Sawaya Int’l LLC

Sawaya International LLC: A Leading Player in Global Retail Space

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Picasso had said. Colors, whether on canvas or skin, express emotions. Different tints, hues, and shades tell different stories, and when it comes to finding perfect shades for your nails, Gelish and Morgan Taylor are among the names that instantly pop up in mind. Although the pioneer of the nail industry is in America, the brand has a worldwide reach enabling their consumers in different countries to receive the rich experience of their beauty products thanks to their regional distributors.
Sawaya International LLC has been one such exclusive regional distributor to the global beauty brands Gelish and Morgan Taylor for over 20 years. With an eye for choosing the best quality of beauty products, CEO Fadi Sawaya founded Sawaya Group in 1990 with solid determination to distribute professionally and to operate with the integrity of a handshake.
“We identify, sell, advertise, tutor, and originate,” says Mr. Sawaya.
Today, the company has established itself as an exclusive distributor for global brands in the Mena region and Africa as well as a developer and distributor for its two signature brands worldwide.
The genesis of Sawaya
As the company started to work on its wider reach on and offline, several companies were established along with multiple hubs. Over the years, valuable digital experience was acquired from which Sawaya Group adapted to and is currently developing its digital shift among all its divisions; retail, education, consultancy and of course marketing. This is what keeps this company distinguished and reliable.
“We constantly attempt to study what is lacking in the market and fill the need, whether it concerns physical appearance, quality, value, service, education, and even an adaptation of culture! With the digital age we’re living, speed and originality is key” Fadi explains further,
Led by Fadi’s ambitious vision, market experience, and zeal to cater to consumers, Sawaya Int’l LLC has moved from being a regional distributor of the international brands to being the creator and innovator of its’ own makeup line; Provoc and eyelashes extension brand; Clashes.
Technology to transform
Technology has touched almost every industry and transformed the way people consume products and services today. AI, AR, and digital media especially have incepted the behavioral changes in consumers who now demand a different approach and more personalized experience from brands.
This has certainly made the market competition tougher for businesses. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the technology in various business operations including sales and delivery systems as well as business operations. Realizing the demand of the current situation, many businesses are readily adopting technology to further scale their operations.  “Sawaya Group has big plans for this transformational era and will be revealing them when time is right,” says Fadi.
While many businesses are coming out of the COVID shadow survival during the series of lockdown was difficult for many. Talking about how Sawaya Group tackled this challenge and continued business operation Fadi said, “We managed to operate from home in the beginning and slowly went back to our premises each employee in separate offices taking all precautionary measures. We had a huge drop in sales, which made us focus on our e-commerce activity, and in parallel relied on international sales for overhead support.”
Voyaging towards new horizons
Post-pandemic Sawaya Group is set to move forward with new zeal and plans to expand the company’s reach. The company plans to expand and blossom with all its upcoming assets by 2022. “Our new project will be the sprout to scale the coming Sawaya Group transformation,” says Fadi.
While sharing plans for his company he also took this opportunity to advise aspiring entrepreneurs designing to venture into retail space. “Focus on the consumers’ conscious and unconscious needs and wants”, Fadi advises, “There is no longer room and time in this era for experimentation and errors. Today, digital/professional expertise, smart marketing, and fulfilling consumers’ needs quickly are the major factors of success.”