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SAVO: A Passion for Sellers and Selling

In 1999, sales consulting firms noticed a troubling sales execution trend – organizational red tape and roadblocks were preventing sellers from focusing on what they were hired to do—sell. This challenge wasn’t limited to any particular industry, location, or company size; it was common and widespread amongst many organizations with a large customer-facing presence.
To address this problem, the SAVO Group began to pioneer Sales Enablement. They developed the SAVO Sales Enablement Platform to help clients reinforce and drive processes around their Sales Enablement strategies. It was built with the intention of helping companies open the lines of communication between the people creating customer-facing assets (marketing) and those charged to leverage these resources in deals (sales).
SAVO’s Inspiring Journey
SAVO was founded by John Aiello, who is now Chairman of the Board.
John and his team knew sellers and the sales process well. In 1999, they saw that sellers’ skills were buried beneath organizational red tape and roadblocks. Sales reps were not able to focus on what they were hired to do. In their search for a technology that would help alleviate some of the sales effectiveness issues they were seeing, SAVO was born.
Today, the sales process is becoming increasingly digitized and SAVO is helping organizations to drive that transformation. However, human servers are still playing a critical role in the selling process and SAVO wants to maximize the impact of the human component in that process.
SAVO’s first product was nicknamed “SAM” – Sales Asset Management. SAM was the foundation for what the industry has come to know as sales content management solutions. SAM has since evolved into SAVO’s core solution, “Sales Content Pro”. It now includes innovative features such as predictive content recommendations based on machine learning and real-time insights into sales behavior.
In the last 6 months alone, SAVO has made a move to Amazon Web Services and launched a new reporting and analytics platform. The company has also incorporated next-generation capabilities in its core Sales Content Pro/Smarter Content products and deepened its integration with Salesforce. This, in turn, has enabled prescriptive content delivery to be more easily accessible across the full range of its sales content curation capabilities.
A Sales Enablement Expert
SAVO is the leader in the sales enablement market and is widening the lead with its latest acquisition, KnowledgeTree. It provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure sales enablement platform for global use, delivering content to sellers within the context of their respective selling situations.
With SAVO, companies achieve their revenue initiatives by aligning their sales, marketing and operations for an unwavering focus on their customers and enhanced results in the field.
SAVO’s Innovative Products – Completely Revamping Salesforce
Smarter Content: Content management built specifically for your salesforce.
Smarter Execution: Sales execution designed for the point of contact and moment of truth.
Smarter Engagement: Engagement tools that capture attention and deliver value.
KnowledgeTree: Enables customer-facing teams with content predicted to drive revenue.
The SAVO Group Revolution
The market now has a deeper understanding of basic and advanced sales enablement capabilities than ever before. This is helping buyers organize programs that are truly transformative.
Jason Liu, CEO of SAVO Group, is responsible for this shift in the market. When Liu joined the company in 2015, he put in place a strategic plan to couple strong organic growth with sustainable operational profitability.
He drove dramatic transformation in 2016, achieving operational profitability by mid-year while heading a redesign in its core technology and reporting platforms as a basis for rapid innovation.
A stable operating structure has been the foundation of SAVO’s acquisition strategy, which began with a June 2017 purchase of KnowledgeTree. While organic growth continues to accelerate, SAVO will also continue to drive inorganic growth as it brings its customers new capabilities through the consolidation of the sales productivity market.
“Organic growth has been a key component of our strategy and will be fueled by new product releases between now and the end of the year,” said Liu, “With the hard work of financial sustainability already done, we will now be driving consolidation in sales productivity, along with inorganic growth through acquisition.”
Extraordinary Services

  • SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure sales enablement platform for global use, delivering content to sellers within the context of their selling situation. It allows companies to achieve their revenue initiatives by aligning their sales, marketing and operations to work together with a focus on the customer and improved results in the field.
  • SAVO is the world’s leading Sales Enablement provider, with the customers to prove it. It is trusted by world-class organizations, including ADP, BMC, CEB, DOMO, Northern Trust, PTC, Rockwell Automation, Stryker, TransUnion, Walgreens and Zebra.
  • SAVO is the world’s only proven Sales Enablement Platform for enterprise, and has pioneered the sales enablement sector since its inception in 1999.

Benefits for Clients
The SAVO platform solves a real need – sellers using a Sales Enablement technology are 10% more effective than the ones that don’t. 32% of executives cited increased revenues and profits as a key benefit of Sales Enablement, which is a game changer for a seller and for a sales organization!
The SAVO platform provides an immersive learning experience through guided discovery and contextual content recommendations. Being able to deliver content recommendations to sellers based on the latest data and specific selling situations not only makes them more efficient but increases buyer engagement and directly impacts revenue.
Jason’s Advice to Young Entrepreneurs
Jason has some valuable insight for young entrepreneurs based on his experience, “You should invest in sales enablement to increase existing server productivity and be flexible enough to increase the adoption of sales transformation as it happens.”
The SAVO Platform – Uniting the Entire Sales Ecosystem
The SAVO platform automates the process of publishing, maintaining, and analyzing sales assets. With this tool, companies can:

  • Centralize all sales assets so they are current and easy-to-find.
  • Target and Align sales assets with selling situations.
  • Push the best assets based on best practices and business rules.
  • Leverage CRM data to generate client-specific assets.
  • Customize the message while reinforcing the brand.
  • Drive adoption and content quality through embedded analytics.

By doing this, the SAVO platform unites the entire sales ecosystem – made up of people in marketing, product, sales operations and training – around improving client engagements.
Impact on sales: SAVO helps sellers become more competent and audible when meeting with customers by serving up the best assets for every specific selling situation.
Impact on marketing: It also helps marketing and contributes to the development of an organization’s message and content that sellers can actually use, while automating the creation and maintenance of these assets.
The Future Roadmap
SAVO’s aim in the long run is to capture more of the market. The acquisition of KnowledgeTree is just the first step towards that goal. SAVO plans to expand its portfolio of services in order to appeal to a wider range of buyers in the near future.
SAVO will continue its rapid growth as well as a global expansion with the acquisition of more companies and new products possessing advanced functionalities.
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