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Kevin Kachidza | Founder and CEO | Sarafin AI

Sarafin AI: Empowering Minds, Expanding Horizons

Revolutionizing Corporate Training with AI-powered E-learning!

Innovation and progress are often born out of necessity. When faced with a challenge or a problem, people are driven to find solutions that not only address the immediate issue but also pave the way for future advancements. For one individual, the answer to their dilemma came in the form of artificial intelligence.

Kevin Kachidza, the Founder and CEO of Sarafin AI, found himself in a predicament and decided to learn about AI to solve it. With a focus on North America and the EU, this innovative company is reshaping the way corporations and schools approach training through their cutting-edge e-learning platforms and Digital Training Officers.

Sarafin AI’s core solution is its innovative Learning Management System (LMS), which is driven by top-of-the-line Artificial Intelligence. This advanced system transforms organizational training through its ability to provide engaging and memorable learning opportunities accessible in numerous languages. With the use of AI, Sarafin AI elevates the quality of training material and motivates learners to retain and apply their newfound knowledge.

One of the standout features of Sarafin AI is its top-quality e-learning platform, meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. This comprehensive platform goes beyond traditional video content, incorporating interactive lessons and quizzes to ensure that learners grasp and retain crucial information. By combining engaging visuals, interactive elements, and effective knowledge assessment, Sarafin AI creates a holistic learning experience that drives tangible results.

In addition to their e-learning platform, Sarafin AI pioneers the creation of compelling AI-generated videos tailored to each client’s specifications. Their advanced AI technology can produce a wide range of video styles and formats, catering to the unique requirements of every organization. This versatility allows businesses to effectively communicate their message, captivate their audience, and make a lasting impact.

Sarafin AI’s outstanding reputation is a testament to its dedication to excellence. The company has been recognized with numerous awards and has been selected for prestigious Canadian and US trade delegations and startup accelerators. Notable achievements include participation in the Canada Trade Mission Delegation to EduTech Asia 2022 and being chosen for the City of Denver’s Global Landing Pad for the Americas 2022.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Sarafin AI, led by Kevin Kachidza, and explore how their AI-powered e-learning solutions are transforming corporate training!

Driving Force

Kevin, the Founder, and CEO of Sarafin AI, is a Vancouver-based tech entrepreneur. He has a diverse career background that includes Banking, Financial Crime Investigations, and Compliance, with a focus on AML, CFT/ATF, and Fraud Detection. His origins can be traced back to Harare, Zimbabwe. His college education and early career as a junior banker took him across multiple countries, including England, France, South Africa, and the US, before finally settling in Canada in 2012. Kevin’s journey to entrepreneurship began when he became a Canadian citizen in Vancouver on Friday, December 13th, 2019.

Before launching Sarafin, Kevin specialized in Financial Crime investigations for both Canadian and international banks, noting the support that the Government of Canada provides to the country’s entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, in May 2020, like millions of other Canadians, Kevin suffered a pandemic-related job loss from the Canadian banking sector and relied on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) of C$500 per week.

Despite applying to any job he could find in British Columbia that might allow him to continue his financial services career, Kevin remained unemployed for months. At the time, it seemed like almost nobody was hiring, and if they were, they were not hiring him. With no end in sight to the pandemic’s lockdowns and the dystopian situation the world was in, Kevin’s journey as an entrepreneur truly began.

Key Features

Sarafin AI is an innovative online learning platform that utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide essential skills training in various languages, making it accessible globally. The platform is available to government organizations, corporations, businesses, and educational institutions. The primary differentiator for Sarafin AI is its extensive use of creative AI across all aspects of the platform. This includes the creation, delivery, and hosting of customized e-learning courses that cater to the unique needs of its clients. The incorporation of AI technology, in combination with its focus on personalization and learner engagement, sets Sarafin AI apart from its competitors in the e-learning industry.

Sarafin AI’s success in the market is also attributed to its international partnerships. The company operates remotely, allowing it to establish strategic partnerships in key locations across the globe. It has established partnerships in the United States, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea, enabling it to provide effective services to a diverse range of clients worldwide.

Career in Artificial Intelligence

The saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” proved true for Kevin, who found a solution to his urgent need for work through AI. Intrigued by AI and its potential, he began delving into the subject by watching educational videos on YouTube in 2020. The abundance of free resources made it possible for him to teach himself everything he needed to know about AI. This decision turned out to be one of the most significant ones he had ever made.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence to transform the way people live, work, and learn motivates many founders in this field. Technology has the power to revolutionize training and education by providing personalized and adaptive learning experiences that cater to individual needs, interests, and learning styles. Furthermore, AI has the potential to address pressing global challenges, including climate change, healthcare, poverty, and race inequities. As a black Canadian CEO of an AI start-up, he believes in using the power of AI to make a positive impact on the world. The goal is to create a better future for all while being mindful of the need for transparency and regulation for high-risk AI applications. He is motivated to make tough decisions knowing that, when used properly, AI can unlock new levels of human potential and make the world a better place for everyone.

Revolutionizing the AI World

Upon realizing the potential of technology to transform education, Kevin deemed it crucial for their company to establish itself as a pioneer in their chosen niche. What sets the company apart is its extensive utilization of AI technology throughout its entire process, from generating creative content through AI to conducting training sessions led by avatars and hosted on AI-driven platforms.

As a relatively new player in the education technology industry, they anticipate increased competition in the future. However, having been operating in the market for longer than many other startups, they have accumulated valuable experience and are currently providing top-notch products and services to a diverse range of clients spanning from Canada to South Africa to South Korea.

Integrating AI Tools into Operations

The recommended approach, as per Kevin’s suggestion, is to begin with a clear comprehension of the set goals and identify specific areas where the implementation of AI can prove valuable. With an abundance of options available, due diligence is required to select the most suitable AI solution(s) that align with the organization’s objectives. Moreover, investing in sturdy data management is indispensable. It is imperative to ensure that the data used to train AI models is diverse, representative, and precise. Businesses must prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical considerations during the AI development process.

Lastly, it is crucial to have a plan in place for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the AI tools.

Scaling Strategies

It’s widely known that their recent surge in growth has been attributable to their partnerships with the Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian Embassy, their alliance with the City of Denver, and the World Trade Center Denver. The upcoming year 2023 and beyond will witness the driving forces of scale being geographic expansion and an increase in sales and marketing expenses. Their plans include broadening their offerings beyond e-learning to encompass other services where the employment of AI technology can make a significant difference to their clients. One area of focus involves leveraging AI’s power to aid businesses in enhancing their customer support, streamlining their marketing strategies, optimizing their HR processes, and improving the effectiveness of fraud and financial crime detection and reporting.

The utilization of AI technology can boost customer support by speeding up issue resolution and providing helpful recommendations. In the field of marketing, AI can assist in determining the most effective channels to reach targeted audiences. AI can even automate routine tasks and offer performance insights for HR departments. Additionally, in the financial sector, AI can aid in identifying suspicious transactions and monitoring potential fraudulent activity. By incorporating AI, service providers aim to enhance their clients’ achievement of goals in a more efficient manner. They believe that by embracing innovation and prioritizing clients’ needs, they can sustain growth and success in the future.

Industry Experts and Award-winning Association

  • Sarafin AI was recently recognized as the top-ranked startup at the Founder Institute of Western Canada during the winter of 2021. Additionally, the company proudly graduated from the City of Denver’s Global Landing Pad for the Americas program in 2022.
  • The Canadian Generative Artificial Intelligence has been chosen by the Trade Commissioner Service and Global Affairs Canada on five different occasions to participate in official trade missions to Singapore, South Korea, and the USA, highlighting their excellence in the field.
  • Sarafin has emerged victorious in every startup pitch competition they participated in and presently holds the title of Agora Real-Time Engagement #RTE2022 world champion, having won two global contests held in China and the USA in 2022. They clinched first place in three successive startup contests held in San Francisco, Venice, Italy, and Beijing.
  • Kevin’s expertise in generative Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship earned him recognition as a global thought leader by the World Trade Center Denver in 2022. Additionally, he was elected to Canada’s prestigious MacKay CEO Forums, an exclusive network for leaders and CEOs of the country’s most valuable companies. Today, Kevin remains committed to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs who participate in the Founder Institute program.