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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: One Phone, Different results

Samsung’s New Galaxy S22 Ultra which comes in two different chipsets gives out different results in the picture. Though both the variants come with the same configuration, the different chipsets used in manufacturing give out a major difference in their picture result.

Samsung has manufactured Galaxy S22 Ultra with two different chipset processes, Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8Gen 1. Despite having the same features and configuration on the paper, the phone gives a completely different user experience. The major difference which has been reported by many users across the world has been its photography results.

However, the phone has used a high-quality camera providing 108MP in the rear and a 40MP front camera. This new phone has a high resolution and allows the user to record video in 4K quality. Both the phones have been excellent as an ultra-premium other than the completely different experience and photography quality it gives because of the use of different chipsets.

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