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Salt Essential IT: Helping Businesses to Operate Better since Inception

Have you ever tried to cook a meal without salt? Probably not, because salt is an ingredient that helps make food tastier. Similarly, Salt Essential IT helps businesses operate better, make more money, and boast with happy employees by providing collaboration, connectivity and support services. The organization’s services are crucial elements that allow businesses to provide better services to their customers. Salt’s solutions empower its clients’ employees to work better and faster, from anywhere, at any time. Its services also stabilizes operations while increasing client’s bottom line. Salt is known to make the impossible possible for its customers. It paves the way with new, innovative technologies and IT solutions in its markets.
Shaping the Journey 
Salt moved from single to multiple Data Centers, from dedicated servers to virtualization, and from simple back-up through disaster recovery to business continuity. Constant transformation all the time with one constant: Microsoft all the way.
Now Microsoft is 365 and Salt is embracing it. Out with hosted exchange, in with Exchange 365! Welcome to Teams, work from anywhere, meetings from across the town, country or the globe, access staff and people wherever you are. Combine Microsoft and local Cloud from Salt, and data is in safer places, more accessible and at a less cost than ever before. Out of the box and smart ways to do business, increasingly affordablility: Salt practices these transformations and passes them on. In a country with a low market density, the population is sparse and everywhere else is a mission to get to, the technology is moving business practices to productive spaces not imagined a few years ago.
Like most other organizations Salt has also faced few hiccups and some tough decisions had to be made. Stunning successes and expensive mistakes, comfort zone shifts for many who want to stay where they are, brands and products have come and gone, value gained, value lost. Two constants: Microsoft and Salt.
Cutting Edge Products 
When it comes to offering solutions, Salt always provides the best in class;
Email eXchange Point – With this solution, Salt’s customers get guaranteed uptimes and access to email, while ensuring security and compliance. Its solutions are known to have saved businesses up to 50% on IT costs.
Security eXchange Point – This set of products keep employees connected to their Cloud services reliably and securely, from any location or device. With an added layer of security, leveraging off Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enables user management, firewalls and backups. Salt guarantees 99.99% access to services. It has achieved savings between 25% and 75% on monthly ICT bills.
Desktop eXchange Point – With this solution, Salt offers its customers the latest versions of both Microsoft Office and Windows, these Cloud based services help its employees to be more productive, and the business to be more responsive.
Information eXchange Point – This is a secure platform with associated services that allows users to access their desktop application from anywhere, and from any device, irrespective of the type of connectivity being used. This solution is built using Microsoft Office 365 Business, InTune, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business, now being unified with Microsoft Tools™
Redefining Leadership 
Vanessa Maresch the Manager of Business Development has been a Saltie for 11 long years. During her time, she drove the business with a single goal in mind; to make sure that Salt becomes a Microsoft Partner. She was a key player in adopting the move to the Microsoft Cloud by driving Salt to become the first and only Cloud Solution Provider Direct Partner in the country during 2016.
Vanessa has also made sure that Salt could deliver all its solutions to all the Namibian businesses, including the enterprise space. As a result, Salt became an Enterprise Direct Advisor in 2011. Her work to ensure that Salt is only one of two Service Provider Licensing Advisors (SPLA) in Namibia, has cemented Salt’s place in the market as the only Microsoft partner being able to deliver Microsoft Cloud services to all segments of the Microsoft Customer Ecosystem.
But no woman is an island. Sonja Coetzer recently joined the Salt team as our Solutions Advocate, fresh from the ranks of Microsoft. Sonja was intimately part of the journey to guide Salt in the right direction. Vanessa and Sonja have worked together over the last three years to attain this unique status for Salt.
Peter Muller, the Managing Director, embraced the positive change that the Microsoft wave presented to the company and fully supported the journey. Frans Herle, who has been part of Salt for 19 years, makes it seem impossibly easy to manage the company’s three data centers from which its customers receive full Business Continuity including Work Area Recovery.
These four are what the organization calls the Core Salties, but it has a phenomenal team of experienced and fiercely dedicated Salties that make this animal run like clockwork.
Tackling Roadblocks and Planning for a Better Future 
Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner program helped Salt to design and build solutions that are secure and addresses the current market. Salt worked closely with its Microsoft Partner Development Manager, its extended Microsoft teams, and a business strategist to outline critical action points to deliver world class solutions. A 3-year journey with dedicated Salties, the company defined its solutions and services, incorporating its unique IP that enabled Salt’s customers to grow their business while shaving off ICT costs. The last element of the company’s story is its loyal customers who have stuck by the organization throughout, and helped to pilot solutions.
Microsoft’s vision to empower every person and organization on this planet to achieve more in order to offer enabling and inclusive solutions through partners, created a new direction for partners. Salt understood this and as such aligned itself accordingly. The company acquired resources to drive IP based solutions that enables its customer to achieve their core business goals and objectives while reducing the total cost of ownership.
Salt’s development plan on Cloud Productivity and Cloud Platform competencies are at the heart of its business and leverages from all training and certification platforms available via Microsoft. A regular review of Salt’s competency is performed as part of its Partner Business Plan review.
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