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Salt DNA: Secure Communications at its best

Back in 2013, a group of tech entrepreneurs with a shared history in enterprise security, telecoms, network optimization and mobile application development formed SaltDNA. While the market is packed with consumer based encryption communication technologies, the leaders of SaltDNA recognized that none of these solutions fit well within an enterprise’s operating framework.
SaltDNA is the first company to provide a solution for encrypted communications between devices with centralized control for the enterprise. SaltDNA Enterprise is the best weapon enterprises have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information. The organization’s rock-solid encryption framework with its focus on mobile usability, deployment flexibility, and comprehensive control functions make it effortless to strengthen and reinforce SaltDNA’s client’s security posture.
World Class Solutions 
The SaltDNA solution provides secure voice, messaging, conference calling and image/file transfer for busy professionals, who need to make important decisions while on the move. SaltDNA’s customers include; Large Oil & Gas companies, Security Services, Enterprise Executives, Government Bodies and Legal Firms.
The feature list for SaltDNA is improving constantly with the organization offering many features that are exclusive to the market such as secure broadcasting, message/call content archival, closed user groups, file/image transfer, burn functionality (message can be removed from both devices by either party regardless of where it originated) and 24/7 support.
In 2018 the organization released their secure message broadcast feature which allows customers to transmit live alerts to large groups of users within an organization. The new broadcasting capability will enable organizations to send messages, share images and documents as well as assign the level of severity to an alert. In order to further highlight critical issues, SaltDNA has allocated different alert tones for different severity levels.
The Nucleus 
Joe Boyle is the Co-founder and CEO of SaltDNA with an established background of working in the enterprise communication, security, and network optimization fields. Joe also holds a prominent post-graduate degree from Queen’s University Belfast. He has expertise in Protocol Optimizations, Application Acceleration, WAN Optimization, and Product Management.
Before co-founding SaltDNA, Joe started his career as a software engineer in Apion Systems and later joined Aepona. Following that, he was employed in F5 Networks as a Web Accelerator, Development Manager. In October 2007, he joined as a Product Manager at Replify Ltd, the first enterprise to virtualize WAN optimization. Later on, Joe worked in Silver Peak Systems and Blue Coat Systems with an expertise in the network optimization space as the Director of product management. Currently, working as the CEO of SaltDNA, Joe is helping out enterprises requiring privacy so that a secure communication can be created for their closed user groups.
Shaping the Journey 
Since the inception of the company in 2013, SaltDNA founders and employees have learned more than they could have imagined. When developing the MVP the SaltDNA executive team sourced some high profile design customers who would help to develop the product roadmap for the product. SaltDNA began as a born global company as they believed that their key customer base was situated outside of United Kingdom. All these decisions eventually helped the organization to expand globally, build relationships with customers across multiple sectors and increase the company’s cultural awareness within other regions that it operates. These early decisions have provided SaltDNA with the perfect platform to expand sales year on year which it has done successfully over the past six years.
In 2019 so far, SaltDNA has been shortlisted for upcoming awards; ‘The National Technology Awards’ and the ‘Mobile Industry Awards’. SaltDNA has also been accepted onto Tech Nation’s first ever Cyber cohort. This six month cohort has been launched to assist ambitious UK cyber companies during the scaling process of their company.
Staying Ahead of the Competition and Future Roadmap 
In serving a unified technology product SaltDNA is continuously working to improve its product in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with features that they have requested. The organization does this effectively by maintaining a highly motivated team which is working round the clock just to ensure that it offers the best solution on the market for secure communications. A highly skilled and motivated team is the backbone for the company’s success and ensures that it is always well positioned to remain the leader in secure enterprise communications.
SaltDNA believes, the cybersecurity and technology landscape is changing every day and it’s vital for organizations to remain up to date with these changes, or risk their reputation being tarnished with a hacking scandal or loss in customers due to the lack of cybersecurity awareness need to provide effective client care. As more and more hacking stories come to light, SaltDNA believes that organizations will become more knowledgeable of how they can protect themselves. The term ‘Zero Trust’ will continue to grow in the business world, with the need for organizations to have greater control of their technology solutions and less trusting of cloud based storage.
SaltDNA is fully equipped to facilitate this level of control now by having the ability to offer customers the ability to control who gets access to the system, who those users can communicate with, how their user’s metadata is stored and most importantly where the system is hosted. SaltDNA also offers additional branding capabilities to allow a company to fully ‘own’ their own system.