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Salpo Technologies: Pushing the Boundaries

The concept of customer relationship management began in the 1970s and since then has been an essential element in business. One company in the CRM industry which is making a name for itself in the market is Salpo Technologies. Salpo is a progressive software company, focused on driving innovation and creating versatile software products to help businesses realize their potential.
The company tackles complex challenges with its modular CRM platform, custom software solutions, enterprise-grade apps and outsourced development resource. Salpo helps its clients to develop better business processes, increase efficiency, improve customer engagement and drive sales.
An Array of Solutions 
Despite offering quick self-serve setup, Salpo CRM is the antithesis of a onesize- fits-all solution. While it can be used ‘out of the box’ as a straightforward contact management tool, it’s fully customizable, with tailored bolt-on modules, third-party integrations and an open API which can fit any organization. Data fields and labels can be renamed to reflect specific business language and industry terms, with limitless custom fields to store, monitor, filter and analyze pertinent business information. Custom modules can be added to mirror any element – orders, products, projects, support tickets, events, services and properties with multi-layered connections to individuals, companies and other modules.
With Salpo’s business rules engine, customers can design processes to fit their workflow using pre-defined triggers such as contact setup or status changes and outputs such as document creation or call scheduling.
A Passionate Management Team 
Salpo’s CEO, Paul Lawrence and the management team has a passion for making customers lives better, improving their experience and putting emphasis on the relationship part of CRM.
Management’s mantra is empowerment which runs through everything they do, how they do it and how they help their customers form better relationships with the company. Through many years of combined experience using business software available on the market; the management team realized that most of these were poorly designed or focused only on administration, rather than the ultimate user experience. They have a zeal to prove that great CRM software can empower businesses to have a better understanding of customers and ultimately build better relationships.
Learning it the Hard Way 
Over the last 10 years, Salpo has learnt the hard way how to shape and build a ‘software as a service’ platform. Companies cannot assume what a customer wants. They must engage with them, to prevent blindly integrating software features that users don’t need, want or use.
In light of this, Salpo has built a unique solution from the ground up, taking its experiences, feedback and future visions into consideration.
Salpo has created something that will change people’s perception of CRM software, meaning they no longer view this as an admin function.
Instead, it should interactively support the user, automating processes and empowering them in their role, whether in customer service, sales, marketing or management.
The team often has to remind themselves that people ‘don’t know what they don’t know.’ Just because the team knows the product so well, they sometimes assume the customers do too. Customers need guidance and direction to appreciate what they can achieve with the software. Salpo has realized that it needs to bring the platform to life and guide them through the process to deliver a software platform that meets customer needs.
Contribution towards the Industry The Salpo platform is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with customer relationship management software, and impacting the industry as a result.
Salpo is the only CRM provider to build a truly integrated GDPR compliance solution into its platform. The company recognized this requirement early and developed integrated tools, empowering its customers to quickly achieve GDPR compliance. While its competitors claim to have addressed the new regulation, no platform supports GDPR compliance in this comprehensive way.
Salpo has also built upon its dynamic framework to deliver bespoke best-in-class solutions, such as managing large data sets and designing complex pricing and quote comparison engines.
Always Focused 
Salpo understands that the CRM marketplace is crowded, with most companies investing in marketing over innovation to attract customers.
The most basic and important mission, Salpo invests its time in engaging with customers throughout their journey, to truly understand their requirements and support them through the configuration process. It also understands that some customers prefer autonomy, so Salpo equip them with all the tools to build a custom system from scratch. From pre-configured industry templates, to quick-start modals, how-to videos, and an extensive support team and knowledge resource, it provides an environment that truly supports its customers.
The result is a versatile platform that works for all businesses, large and small; from complex organizations, such as business improvement districts and growth hubs, to simpler business models, needing leaner contact management and sales pipeline solutions.
Salpo’s ultimate goal is to evolve the platform to meet its expansive future roadmap, offering customers more insight, information and automation; helping them to increase their engagement rate, improve efficiency and drive sales.
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