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John Byrne | CEO | Salmon Software

Salmon Software: Delivering World-Class Treasury Management System

Whenever it comes to managing important financial operations, businesses always count on Treasury Management Systems (TMS). Taking it as an inspiration, an Irish software firm, Salmon Software is providing world-class TMS solutions for three decades. The company operates its international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with its Central European headquarters in the Czech Republic. Its blue-chip customer base includes Airbus, Arqiva, Avolon, Ryanair, Securitas, FQM, Traxys, CRH, Serco and many more.
A One Stop Shop 
Salmon Software has achieved great success and coverage with its flagship product, Salmon Treasurer. Salmon Treasurer is a one stop shop for all aspects of treasury and has a very broad range of Financial Instrument Coverage across several markets including, Money Markets, Foreign Exchange, Debt, Derivatives, Facilities, Trade Finance, Commodities and others. It incorporates unrivalled rich functionality in Cash Management, Automated Electronic Payments, Forecasting, Intercompany Position Keeping, Multi-Lateral and Multi-Currency Intercompany Netting, Regulatory Reporting, Interactive Dashboards. Additionally, it also has inbound and outbound integration with all market providers including banks, ERP Systems, Rates Vendors, Trading Platforms etc. and provides extended treasury management functionality enabling companies to centralize or decentralize treasury operations and manage unlimited accounts, facilities, books, funds, dealers and companies.
Salmon Software is a disruptive force in the treasury management arena due to its flagship product. The company’s TMS has evolved to reflect the technological innovation and increasingly complex global financial systems making it one of the most sophisticated treasury tools in the world. The company has the same system for cloud and on-premise deployment. Being small and agile, the company has no third-party investment diluting its focus. It is therefore singularly focused on its clients and delivering a solution which represents a 100% fit to requirements.
In a world, where a recent Citibank survey has shown large dissatisfaction amongst Treasurers with their TMS, Salmon has no such complaints. The company offers 100% fit every time as it has the instrument coverage, the functionality, the integration services and most of all the “know-how” to deliver and implement a Treasury Management System.
Blazing the Trail 
An elite team of Salmon Software is led by its CEO, John Byrne. John is a business graduate of University College Dublin. Prior to setting up Salmon Software, in 1985, John researched the markets and created INTUITION, the first CBT system on the market. This was a hugely successful product and its offspring system is still in use today. Following that, he set up Salmon Software in 1985 and for over three decades he has been a strong advocate of independence, specialization and innovation in the application side of Treasury Management Software. During this time, he has led the development and innovation of Salmon Treasurer to continuously incorporate new technology and new ideas to meet the demands of the increasingly complex nature of global financial markets.
Customer-centric Approach 
Salmon Software spends a lot of time with their potential clients to ensure that there is no disconnect between what they are expecting from their TMS and what the company is expected to deliver. “We know the system and the client knows their data. Marry those 2 together and you will be guaranteed a successful outcome,” says John.
Not only does Salmon Software listen to its clients, it also canvasses them regularly to ensure that the company is developing the system to meet their needs. They get to have a say and an input into the company’s development roadmap. After all, they are the ones who know what they want. Ignoring them may put businesses in peril.
Leading the Market 
Salmon Software has been first to market with a number of innovative creations. For example, it has Intercompany Position Keeping that doesn’t require the necessity to duplicate transactions between entities. This eliminates 50% of the data recording, eliminates the necessity to reconcile positions, and enables both entities to see the same data from opposing perspectives. It is also the first to introduce functionality to cater for SONIA as it replaces LIBOR. Secondly, the company offers a single system which encompasses all markets and therefore fits easily into all business sectors. It is completely modular and licensed according to need with a singular deployment methodology and devoid of any potential for multi-tenant risk because each client enjoys their own dedicated environment and database.
In order to bring efficiency, Salmon Software follows all technological advances in the market to upgrade itself with the volatile technological advancements. It adopts those that it feels will enhance its systems and incorporates them into its Salmon Treasurer application immediately.
Continuously Developing 
When asked about future aspiration, Salmon Software intends to develop according to 3 influences, which includes its clients, technology, and third-party systems impacting on the Treasury community.
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