You are currently viewing SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook is available to the Salesforce Sales Cloud users

SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook is available to the Salesforce Sales Cloud users

Last year Salesforce launched an app that brings CRM data into Microsoft’s Outlook email software. Now it is altered with its SalesforceIQ Inbox product which is called as “relationship intelligence”.

Previously, SalesforceIQ Inbox available for Gmail and aims to give sales representatives access to predictive technology right from their email inbox, allowing them to link to the email, Salesforce CRM, and customer social data more easily.

In 2014, arising from the company’s $390 million RelateIQ acquisition, SalesforceIQ surfaces and analyzes information related to client relationships from email, calendars and more. From there, it seeks out predictive patterns and proactively advocates actions.

Now, SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook brings those capabilities to Microsoft’s popular software, which is used by the vast majority of Sales Cloud users, Salesforce stated. By streamlining tedious chores like updating customer relationship management (CRM) data, scheduling meetings and answering emails, the tool can make sales reps more productive, stated Steve Loughlin, CEO of SalesforceIQ.

The latest integration is part of an ongoing strategic partnership between Salesforce and Microsoft. Other joint solutions from the two companies include Files Connect integration with SharePoint, OneDrive, especially for Business, and Skype for Business Integration with Salesforce.

SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook is now generally available to Sales Cloud users. Pricing is $25 per person per month.