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SalesChoice: Predicting Sales Outcomes with Unmatched AI Accuracy

Research shows that between thirty and sixty percent of sales professionals’ struggle to achieve their sales targets, while another thirty percent suffers from attention deficit disorder.
Compounded by the human attention span dropping by 50% in the last ten years (due largely to the proliferation of mobile devices), productivity levels of B2B sales professionals have been plummeting steadily. The Global Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Market has been hailed as the ‘next big thing’ for the sales industry. A new category has emerged from industry analysts called Insight Engines, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to increase sales performance and drive guided selling enablement, much like Uber takes you to the right destination, AI agents also can guide sales professionals to the destination that has the highest odds of meeting plan targets, but also giving guided insights in the journey.
One of the most prominent companies to have forecasted the importance of Artificial Intelligence in AI guided selling and augmented sales prediction intelligence is SalesChoice Inc. ( It is Canada’s first Cognitive Sciences SaaS Company using AI in B2B sales. SalesChoice improves the growth of top-line revenue, and improves sales productivity by 20-30% using augmented intelligence. It is the only AI Sales software that clearly explains its win factors with guided insights to increase win rates; for this it uses its patent-pending Insight Engine, which predicts sales outcomes with up to 95% accuracy.
SalesChoice Product Offerings 
SalesChoice offers four products, i) Predictive Analytics, ii) Prescriptive Analytics, iii) Propensity to Purchase, and iv) Data Science as a Service (DSaaS). Although SalesChoice has an open API, it is also an ISV partner of Salesforce, and is also a certified Einstein solution provider. Unlike Einstein, SalesChoice operates on both Enterprise and Professional Service editions, while Einstein requires an Enterprise License, and pricing starts at $150.00 for Einstein, while SalesChoice starts at $50.00/seat.
The company specializes on prioritizing sales opportunities that can streamline top-line revenue and sales performance improvements. Subsequently, SalesChoice provides actionable insights on a customer’s intention to purchase a product, by sourcing diverse signals inside or outside the CRM. Additionally, SalesChoice solves data science challenges by deploying AI/ML and advanced data science methods, in areas also like Predictive Churn.
There are very few competitors, including Salesforce, that have developed an AI platform that automatically configures and analyzes customized datasets. SalesChoice’s first competitive advantage is that it can achieve up to 95% accuracy in predictive scores. The company has been rigorously tested on the largest global Salesforce data sets and has proven its ease of scaling to manage both large enterprise and small business data sets. Its’ second competitive advantage is that it is the only company that does not treat AI driven actionable insights as a black box. SalesChoice’s Insight EngineTM explains the reasons for every predicted win factor. It also provides data completeness visualizations and monitoring dashboards to allow clients to improve their odds of winning a deal by giving accountability to Data-as- an-Asset for everyone. The company is also unique as it is the only company to provide a Playbook and a Dealbook with rich guided selling insights, all derived by AI. They also have audit dashboards to ensure the ROI value is always front and center to AI confidence, as a 7×24 coach. There are no extra keystrokes by sales professionals, and the company guarantees you will meet your numbers with AI 10X more reliably vs. using Business Intelligence methods.
Proven Ability, Notable Recognitions 
SalesChoice’s predictive prowess is uncannily accurate, and saves time in diverse sales process areas. This proven predictive accuracy increases clients’ ability to achieve sales targets by 30% to 50%, improves sales forecasting accuracy by 20-40%, and reduces Cost of Sales by 5-15%. According to Matt Stoyka, CEO of RelationEdge, a Platinum Salesforce SI company, “SalesChoice predicted results with above 90% accuracy over a 3-month time frame and it allowed me to focus less time on forecast reviews and more time on situational coaching and growing the business.” Leading analysts like: Gartner, IDC, and Forrester recognize SalesChoice as a valuable platform. The company won the Hot Vendor of the Year Award from Aragon Research in Dec, 2017, and the company has won Best User Interface Awards also in 2017. Adoption is always top of mind at SalesChoice, especially in the plagued CRM market place with data quality issues.
Committed to Sales with Explainable AI 
The company adds that it is committed to provide an Explainable AI and accuracy audit tracking its sales predictions. SalesChoice is also in early experimentation with Alexa, and views voice as the next killer sales aid to provide 7×24 guided selling insights to sales professionals. SalesChoice can already be integrated with other leading CRMs beyond Salesforce, including Oracle/Netsuite, and plans are underway to also integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. A Visionary Leading the Way Dr. Cindy Gordon is the Founder and CEO of SalesChoice. She has extensive experience in technology, software, consulting, sales and marketing. Prior to SalesChoice, she held senior leadership roles at: Accenture, Xerox and Citicorp. Cindy is a renowned thought leader and has written 14 books that concentrate on SaaS, and the Technology Sector. Cindy founded SalesChoice with a vision of customer-centricity, and ethical and transparent AI solutions to issues that have long plagued Sales. Her latest endeavor is to bring the global AI community together with the inception of a Global AI Directory (, partnering with Accenture, IT World Canada, CATA and IMAX. Her groundbreaking work in the sector has been widely recognized. She is a recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation, the EY & CATA Sara Kirke Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and is also the 2017 winner of the Startup Canada National and Regional Entrepreneur Award. Cindy envisions making SalesChoice a leading force in the AI: Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Analytics market place, with a particular focus on transparent AI. Recent Innovation Videos on Explainable AI with EY has propelled SalesChoice to be further recognized as a force to be reckoned with in advancing Explainable AI. In additional Sustainable AI is top of mind so, Dr. Gordon has also recently joined the RSI Board of Directors to help organizations plan for the effective use of AI in all industries.
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