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Cheryl and Richard Marsh | founders | Safe Ship

Safe Ship: Delivering Items Safely at Your Doorsteps

There are times, when we want to send something valuable that we think would mean dear to someone. When it comes to delivering the stuff, we start to look for appropriate shipping companies. These companies are founded by people who see the hurdles in packnship industry as an opportunity. As the demand grows for shipments these companies look for opportunities to expand. Hence, to serve more people and also to help the aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams they develop stronger business models for expansion. But only a few businesses care enough to provide the proper training and mentoring their partners need. These innovative shipping companies deliver a memorable customer experience and help their business partners in their endeavors. Safe Ship is one such company in the Ship Franchise industry that was started to address the need in the packnship franchise industry.
The Commencement
After Safe Ship’s establishment, the key figures of the company saw that there were a large number of qualified people who were unable to put together the required finances. Hence, the Franchise developed a model so that more aspiring people could get into the business. The company heavily emphasizes on people having the right mindset, attitude, work ethics and personality traits that are required to be successful. Therefore, it only brought people in industry possessing these attributes. The Franchise not only trains their franchisees but also mentors them giving helpful advice whenever needed. In their own words, “Our vision is to find the right people with the right personality and the right work ethic and work with them just like a mom-and-pop would work with their kids over a period of time until each one of the kids was able to run the business.”
Services for Contemporary Times
To combat the expensive packaging system, that has been adopted by corporates and Franchises, Safe Ship has developed its own facility. The Franchise’s stores have their box making machines, allowing each store to make a specific high-quality box for each item they ship. The Safe Ship®️ BoxMakerPRO box making machines also allows the franchise to make pallet covers and do freight shipping for large shipments. These help to keep the prices down for the consumers. It’s regional carrier Speedee and Lonestar covers smaller regional area but offer pricing that can be as much as 30% less. As per the people at the Franchise, “We are the only ones that do this because we are the only ones that understand our industry to its maximum”.
The Dynamic Duo
Successful companies are developed by people who leverage their diverse experiences. These individuals embark on a mission to enhance the experience of their customers. But only a few leaders are lucky to find someone with the same vision and are passionate enough to start their entrepreneurial journey together. Cheryl and Richard Marsh, the founders of Safe Ship began their venture to change the traditional ways of business in packnship industry.
After accomplishing their career goals in their respective fields, Cheryl and Richard moved to Florida and started their own pack and ship stores in 2001. After the company was awarded the largest packnship store in the United States in both 2005 and 2006, the couple realized that their ways of doing things were efficient and different than everyone else. Hence, they keep on innovating ways to keep up with the industry needs. And in 2009, the entrepreneurs started Franchising Safe Ship and have been leading the company towards successful endeavors.
Its Greatest Assets
Safe Ship’s greatest strength is that it doesn’t charge a royalty, unlike its competitors who charged upto 12% of profit each month. Safe Ship provides equal attention and mentoring to its franchisees. Every individual of the organization works in the stores. Every franchisee is trained by the stores’ corporate employees is prepared to be able to open their own store and successfully run it. The company keeps training and updating its franchisees about the latest market trends, as per Richard,”The constant availability and the continual training and updating are the most important parts of a franchisees backup support. If something in our industry changes today, our franchisees know about it today.”
Packing & Shipping the Future
Safe Ship works on delivering constant quality customer service. It believes that its success derives from the success of its franchisees and not how much revenue it generates. It’s the pillar that the company hopes will stand tall and will be safe and help the organization grow at a rapid pace. Its long term vision is to be the franchise that leads the packnship industry by meeting the needs of its customers and helping its franchisees in their ascendancy.