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Saarathi: A Brave Face behind The Revolutionary Patient Centric Healthcare Company

In spite of several breakthrough innovations in the field of medicine, the benefits reach only a miniscule minority. Affordability, lack of awareness, education, access and poor treatment outcome continue to remain the biggest challenges. Pharmaceutical companies have been doctor-focused to get prescriptions and it is the patients who pay out of their pockets. Patient-centric support was almost non-existent. They deserve to get more, better outcomes from the treatment they are paying for. To cater to this gap and need, Saarathi was launched to go beyond prescription, to help the masses. 
Established in 2008 by its dynamic leader Ranjeeta Vinil, Saarathi today has emerged into one of the largest PRM company in India. It has revolutionized the healthcare deliverables in India by changing it from a doctor centric model to a patient centric model. With a  network spread over 40 cities, with more than 300 educators,  Saarathi has touched more than 5 lakh patient lives in more than 24 therapy areas. With a vision of Democratizing Healthcare Worldwide Ranjeeta has already commenced her Global operation with footprints in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Saarathi is a winner of numerous accolades such as the National Award for Healthcare and Social Care, Support & Women Leadership Award in Healthcare, Emerging Entrepreneur [India] Award, Emerging Entrepreneur [India] Award, OPPI Marketing Excellence Award, Stars of the Industry Award, etc.
Ranjeeta Vinil, Founder & Director During her pharma career, Ranjeeta had the unique opportunity to set up and lead a team of 100+ field/counsellor force, in patient relationship management, which brought her closer to the reality of patient needs and the yawning gaps that required to be met. At the peak of Ranjeeta’s corporate career, she was detected with breast cancer, fortunately in an early stage, which she fought through bravely, and survived with resolve. Her personal experience through the journey to recovery brought her even closer to the plight of the patients and that was the turning point that gave rise to Saarathi Healthcare, in 2008.
“It became the turning point in my life where I was able to realize what I really wanted to do –that was when I conceptualized “Saarathi” This experience of mine brought me closer to the reality of patient needs and the yawning gaps that required to be met,” says Ranjeeta.
A Pharma Management graduate, Ranjeeta has 16 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She worked as a brand manager at Sanofi Aventis, where she went on to become the Head – Patient Relations in a few years and worked closely with patients, doctors, paramedics, therapists and path labs to conceptualise and execute various patient relationship programs for the company.
Over the years at Aventis, and later as Vice President-Marketing at Medicine Shoppe she learnt that treatment outcomes are not solely dependent on drugs, but involve various other aspects such as diet, exercise, compliance to drug, psychosocial aspects, motivation, regular monitoring and disease management.
Saarathi’s prime focus is on Patient centric coordination,supported by CRM platforms to deliver high value treatment outcomes and empowering patients to take control of their disease through awareness, patient centric support and counselling.
‘Belief, Passion, and Determination’, Leads To Success.
As an entrepreneur, Ranjeeta shares “ If you are willing to take risks and follow what your heart tells – You will surely embark on your successful journey.”
Saarathi started its journey from a small, 150 square feet shanty, in South Mumbai by Ranjeeta Vinil. It was an extremely challenging journey. Ranjeeta single handedly conceptualised a patient centric healthcare delivery model and approached the Pharma companies with her service. There was vehement opposition from the sales teams to shift from a doctor centric model to a patient centric model. Due to her consistent perseverance, few forward-thinking companies/management agreed to adopt her concept on a trial basis. Saarathi’s first client was Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, which was soon followed by UCB and Novartis. Each project had its unique challenges and needed a specific tailor made programs and had to be monitored very closely to ensure success. Finally, it was the positive feedbacks from patients that proved the success of the programs. It increased Ranjeeta’s own resolve, instilled confidence in the clients in the concept of patient centric healthcare models and Saarathi’s capability to deliver.
She has been an entrepreneur effort in the true sense. Ranjeeta approached the Industry with a new concept which was in complete variance to the existing practices in the Industry. Today, more than the growth, she feels proud of the change which she has brought about in the healthcare deliverables in India through Saarathi’s patient centric healthcare model.
Saarathi – Friend, Philosopher & A Guide
Ranjeeta loves to read, travel and explore new places, try hands in cooking and at the same time she finds an immense amount of pleasure in spending quality time with her son Vivin. “I believe women can balance each role with ease and have ability to come out as a Champion”, affirms Ranjeeta.
Saarathi, in Sanskrit, is – friend, philosopher and a guide. For people affected with chronic or critical care illness. Saarathi goes beyond the prescription, by impacting the patient’s journey from awareness to compliance.. They will continue to serve their patients.. journey will continue..