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RV Solutions: Vigorous and Prudent Service Provider in Telecommunications

The ‘telecommunication’ word came from the French engineer/novelist Edouard Estaunie, being a compound word from Greek ‘tale’ meaning distant and Latin ‘communicate’ which means to share. Not so long ago in the ‘middle ages’ man used smoke signals and passenger pigeons for sharing information.  Today, plain communication has been taken over by telecommunication!
Introducing Vandana Seth, CEO and Co-founder of RV Solutions Pvt Ltd. She was born into a middle class family. Her family culture stressed that just having a degree for oneself was not enough,but that knowledge must be used for the benefit and upliftment of the society as a whole. This global perspective is the foundation and inspiration on which she finished Engineering in E&CE from NIT Kurukshetra, and founded RV Solutions in 2008, being operational in 2009. In just 7 years the company established an alpha position in India.
The company is an all-rounder in all aspects, from software development and mobile repair services to commissioning of passive and active telecom equipment. It has over 600 service centers across India that provides RMA up to Level 2 service to Mobile Devices. Managed Service Solutions and Infrastructure roll outs with respect to IT and Telecom are handled skillfully. Vandana insists, “My team is my greatest strength. We have all grown together to handle the challenges thrown at us. ”
Every person needs a motivational leader to look up to. A leader that can show them that the ‘dream’ is possible and can become a reality. For Vandana, it was her good fortune that she could recognize those qualities in her parents. Her parents let her follow her natural inclinations, and also taught her that ups and downs in life are a natural part of human existence and evolution. She learned to live life gracefully from them. Her daughter’s cute presence also keeps reminding her that small things matter in life and are worth cherishing.
Vandana vehemently denies calling herself ‘successful’. She firmly believes, in Socrates view, ‘I know that I know nothing’. You have to stay hungry and stay foolish, in order to grasp new concepts and adapt to changing circumstances. Also, there is no substitute for hard work and the right attitude. Success is relative, and, you always are competing with yourself!
She stresses, “The things that we thought were obstacles are our biggest strengths now. Within two years of starting operations, we added 3 more business lines in different domains. It challenged our existence where we were trying to withstand the pressures of rocket speed growth. We fumbled and struggled with pressure for delivery, finance, team building to keep it running.” She quickly realized that problems come to teach you and not to put you down. Today, RV Solutions see problems more as opportunities!
Vandana does not believe in ‘Things outside of me are not me’ but, rather in ‘Things outside of me are me, extended!’ Even though she enjoys spending time with her family she has prioritized personal and professional life.
“We just keep it simple, do your best. My experience with clients is if you deliver with right intentions and give quality services at optimum cost consistently, they will come back to you.” Any machine is just the summation of its parts, RV Solutions, today, is much more than just the summation of their people, processes, and products!
RV Solutions has always been an organization looking to carve a niche for themselves. Having successfully done it in Antenna Repair they are working on innovative projects like Camouflaging solutions in Telecom. It sees a bright opportunity in IoT business. Today it is an ISO certified organization, comprising of 500+ family members showing exponential growth with 600+ service centers across India. Having offices in India and China and maintaining a flamboyant quality, resulting in various certifications and memberships. At RVS, they are dedicated to serve their clients, to ensure that they get the solution, meeting the specific needs of the organization and suiting the working environment. They are committed to support every want of the client and this results in higher client loyalty. There is a lot of client project experience in object-oriented technology, relational databases, client-server technology, network technology and open source technology. Working in Public Sector Units and Government Sectors are familiar waters for RVS. With loyal employees, up to the minute data, and hi-tech machinery, RVS guarantees client satisfaction to the hilt!
Vandana concludes, “And in the next five years, we will definitely take these solutions worldwide. We hope to make RV an international brand by bringing foreign countries such affordable yet reliable technologies developed in our nation. We also want to work with Government of India to include services along with its Made in India schemes. ”
With a paradigm shift in telecommunications, it is expected that RV Solutions will see the dawn of a very bright Sun indeed!