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Ruslan Desyatnikov: A Qualitative Software Testing Pioneer

Most of us are content with a stable job and career path, and there are few among us who would sacrifice stability, get out of our comfort zone and start something new.
One such bold, and successful, entrepreneurial personality is Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO at QA Mentor, a multi-award winning independent software testing company headquartered in New York.
Ruslan is a highly ambitious, persistent, strict and yet an extremely fair individual. His passion is to build the best independent software testing company in the world and establish a footprint in every single country on earth.
Ruslan left his well-paying job and walked away from a leading role in a renowned financial company while risking his future. It is something that few would do unless they are able to alleviate those risks or have a financial safety net. Ruslan’s ambitious attitude has made him a trailblazer on the path to assure qualitative software testing.
Talking about the courageous step he took, Ruslan said, “I wasn’t so sure about mitigating the risks, and definitely didn’t have the financial backup but I felt sure that I could pull it off. I was ready for it and I wanted to try and succeed.” And that one daring step changed everything. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur leading a company that has won multiple world-class recognitions and awards.
From Struggling Job Seeker to Leading Entrepreneur
Ruslan started his career in Quality Assurance & Testing almost twenty years ago. Immediately after college, his friends got good jobs in prestigious companies but he did not. However, he was always hopeful and took every opportunity to grow his career. His first job was at a New York-based startup with a salary almost half of what others were getting.
Ruslan tried his skills and luck in multiple organizations. As an automation engineer, performance engineer, project test coordinator and QA manager, Ruslan started making huge progress in the field of Quality Assurance Testing. Soon, he was appointed to bigger management roles in several different organizations. He successfully led various companies as an employee until he decided to start his own company.
Leaving the stability of a high-paid job was a difficult choice for Ruslan, and he is always grateful to the people whose support was invaluable to him. He says, “I am thankful to my family my wife, daughter, mother, parents-in law and my business partner from India, Nitin Tawde, many of my LinkedIn friends and fans for supporting me during that difficult time.
Ruslan also talked about his motivating factors and said, “My mother is and always will be my role model. She did everything possible for me so I could study and move to the United States for a better life, and she raised me to be a decent human being.
For a father, the most memorable moment is when their child is born. Ruslan shared his emotions about the remarkable moment when he held his daughter for the first time. “I can’t describe the feeling, it was the most amazing day of my life,” says Ruslan.
About the Multi-Award-Winning Company
QA Mentor is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. With 256 global QA resources in eight countries offering more than 30 QA Testing Services and covering all time zones, QA Mentor is a global leader in the Software Quality Assurance and Testing sphere.
It serves 260 clients, including Fortune 500 companies and startup enterprises in 30 countries, and supports applications in nine different industries. QA Mentor also offers unique product propositions from a crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowd-sourced testers to a test management platform, economical services and QA education via e-learning and corporate training.
Under Ruslan’s leadership, QA Mentor has won more than 25 international industry awards, including the European Software Testing Award in London. The company was also recognized by Gartner as one of the top 10 Best Pure Play Mobile Testing Providers for its state-of-the-art labs with over 300 mobile devices and unique testing methodology.
Ruslan talked about one of the company’s major achievements, saying, “QA Mentor has won the most prestigious award – Leading Vendor; to us, it is the equivalent of winning a gold medal at the Olympics as our competitors were very well-known, multi-billion dollar companies.
Ruslan believes work culture is instrumental and establishes a politics-free environment where every single employee is charged with making an impact and difference in what they do every day. With this approach, QA Mentor helps its clients improve the quality on their products, platforms and mobile applications by adapting and utilizing its proprietary methodologies, tools and solutions.
The Maestro’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Ruslan says that the path of life is an extremely difficult road with many obstacles, surprises, challenges and unpredictable circumstances, but that we have to be ready for them and move forward with a positive attitude, and believe in ourselves and our team.
For me, business is a game – a very challenging and tough game where you have to give 100% and be passionate about what you do to win. You should never be concerned about money, wealth, and your own success. You should be concerned about the happiness and success of your customers and happiness of your own employees. When you have achieved that, you will be successful and a true winner.
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