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Ruslan Desyatnikov: Passionate for Quality Assurance & Testing Field

A person whose description is ‘PASSIONATE’, who loves what he does, Ruslan Desyatnikov is the CEO of QA Mentor. The Quality Assurance & Testing field has been his passion since the beginning of his career and even after 20 years it is still something which he lives and dreams daily.
A graduate of Baruch College – City University of New York, Ruslan has completed his BBA in Computer Information Systems, and holds an MBA in Technology Management from the Phoenix University of Arizona. He holds a number of Quality Assurance/Testing and Project Management certifications and is an active board member of multiple QA Organizations in the United States and Europe.
One of the major goals and objectives for Ruslan is to provide the most economical and cost effective testing services and solutions in the world offering the best possible quality through his own unique QA methodologies, products, and solutions that he developed in QA Mentor.
Ruslan brings nearly 20 years of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Process Improvement and Software Testing experience. He is responsible for growing QA Mentor as a trusted partner for software testing, independent verification and validation, and strategic consulting for a client base around the world.
Prior to expanding operations at QA Mentor, Ruslan worked at Citi for 3 years as the Global Head of Testing of Worldlink Technology and held multiple senior management positions in companies such as HSBC, Sterling Infosystems, and few other startups.
Journey ‘Not So Easy’
Gaining a vast experience and being a successful CEO was not at all easy for Ruslan. He elaborates, “The key values that I operate on are Honesty, Transparency, Respect and Fairness.” The same values are actually adapted within QA Mentor culture and every employee possesses them, something that helps them in the journey to win clients.
He adds, “Being honest, direct and transparent with customers and my own employees helps me to enjoy my day to day operations. When I started QA Mentor 6 years ago, I went through tough times as there were not enough clients and I had situations where I simply did not have money to pay to my employees. Even in those situations, I explained to everyone honestly that I would pay them every dime I owed – if not now, then in the near future.”
QA Mentor, One-Stop Shop For all of Your QA Needs
With 28 different services in and around the Software QA domain and over 50 different testing types, QA Mentor is your one-stop shop for all of your QA needs. Many of their services are unique to QA Mentor, and such variety is offered by no other company in the world. They are now offering their own Test Management Platform – QA Coverage, a new generation test management solution with an innovative vision and workflow, to manage Software Test Life Cycles more effectively and efficiently. It boosts test productivity and provides visibility to better handle and control a client’s established QA process via comprehensive Requirements Management, Test Design, Test Execution, Defects Management, and Metrics & Reporting modules. QA Mentor continues to surprise customers with new QA Services.
They have very sophisticated QA methodologies and best practices that attract customers. They also have various open-source tools, enterprise versions, and their own automaton proprietary frameworks. QA Mentor is the only company covering all timezones due to their four work shifts. Their offices in Moldova, India and the Ukraine allow them to operate 24*7. They will launch a new product next year that will help QA managers monitor Quality Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
QA Mentor’s QA Experts possess knowledge of over 50 automation tools and solutions in 7 different domains ranging from E-commerce to Finance. All of their QA professionals are certified either by ISTQB or Brainbench organizations. They are the only QA Company that assigns to projects QA Professionals that have at least 3 years QA Experience. All Junior QA resources are not billable if they participate in the project and are considered an added bonus.
March towards the Future 
While marching towards the future, there are so many successful stories Ruslan have. He elaborates, “We continue to grow year after year at minimum 25% rate. We do not want to grow too quickly as building the right foundation has always been the ultimate goal for us. We will continue to expand in lower cost areas in order to provide the most economical QA services and solutions to our clients. Our next Testing Center will be opened in the Philippines in 2017. The DNA of the growing team will always include my favorite phrase “Success is a choice. It is up to you to be successful or not.” We hire only honest people with a positive attitude who believe in success and hard work.”
Ruslan and his team aim to continue to be an advocate of Quality Assurance. He says, “We will educate decision makers on the importance of QA, as not all organizations want to invest in quality. It’s to those organizations that we need to explain how quality has a direct correlation to their bottom line. Our clients not only receive superior quality services but also adapt our best practices and methodologies within their IT and QA Organizations. They want to operate as a mature QA Organization and are willing to go through a maturity transformation to become successful.”