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Ruby Castellanos | Country Manager | Ufinet

Ruby Castellanos: Exemplifying the Perfect Blend of Discipline and Passion

It is believed that self-confidence is the first step to success. Business leaders who trust their own capabilities are the ones who build successful ventures. One such global business leader is Ruby Castellanos, who considers self-confidence as a crucial trait for leaders. She is currently holding position of Country Manager at Ufinet in Chile, Argentina and Paraguay, and works in order to extend the successful model of the company in such geographies.
Since 2002, when Ufinet had begun its expansion in Latin America working hand in hand with the electricity distribution companies that were acquired at the time by Unión Fenosa, Ruby Castellanos began her professional career at Ufinet Colombia. During her career at Ufinet, she had been responsible for the Operation and Maintenance area in the pacific zone and was a telecommunication Service Manager for the most important energy distribution company of the Colombian south-west. She later served as Business Development Manager for Latam, participating in the expansion and growth of Ufinet in the region through Greenfield international projects, M&A processes and new business models. Currently, she occupies the position of Country Manager for the southern cone and is responsible for the countries Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.
The value propositions of Ufinet is its flexibility and proximity to its customers. It allows Ruby to make customized solutions according to customer’s necessity. Also, decision making at Ufinet is quick, being a large organization but with a light structure that allows making decisions quickly and it is an element which is valued by customers.
Nationwide Expansion 
Ufinet will undoubtedly be the main wholesale neutral carrier in Latin America with the most extensive fiber optic network. In the last 4 years it has entered in 7 new countries and every day adds more km of fiber optics, as well as strengthening itself as an infrastructure operator through the business lines of towering and wholesale FTTH. Punctually, the southern cone has a leading role, where the company is deploying more than 200 km of fiber optic in Santiago covering the main areas of the city and it is analyzing the network expansion nationwide. On the other hand, Argentina is very advanced in models of wholesale FTTH and Paraguay is becoming increasingly important as a gateway to Brazil, which is the last country in which Ufinet entered. The company is providing its more than 6 thousand km of network and increasingly network at the metropolitan and national level with coverage to the borders with Argentina and Brazil. To this, Ufinet adds its towering business line, on which it has a very special focus.
Self-confidence is the Key 
Ruby believes, self-confidence is essential to face any challenge. This mitigates the fear of risk and allows one to work with a positive attitude. Another important aspect is the balance. A woman needs quality time for herself and her family. When one’s personal life is fine and has the support of family, the rest flows in an extraordinary way. Ruby adds “In this very competitive world, it is important not to be dominated by failure because not always everything goes as we want, but the important thing is not to lose sight of the goal and recover to continue, persist and not to desist.”
Learn from Everywhere 
Ruby mentions that starting a professional career as part of the technical team is a very enriching experience. The technical part allows to know the root and fundamental elements of business continuity, as well as helping to develop resolving skills. Subsequently, using this experience in telecommunication’s project and evolving them in business models is a process that is achieved with an interdisciplinary team from whom you are always learning. In short, having gone through different areas of the company allows you to know the business in depth. Ufinet has a team of excellence at all levels from whom you learn every day. Learning is a decision and one should not miss the opportunity to make the best of each one. I feel proud and grateful for witnessing and participating in the growth of Ufinet.
Being a Professional and Mother 
Ruby believes that being a very young mother and doing a professional career with such a great responsibility requires discipline and focus to attend all fronts at the same time. Also, earning the respect of colleagues and great professionals who have a lot of experience in a professional field with a strong male presence, has been an interesting challenge for her.
Believe in Yourself 
For Ruby, it is crucial for a leader to believe in himself/herself. She asserts, “If you trust your abilities you will achieve the goals you set for yourself. The discipline and love with which you do things will be reflected in your results. Live intensely and enjoy your facets as an executive, mother and wife, but also dedicate time to yourself. It sounds difficult, but it is possible with discipline. Balance generates well-being and this, in turn, will help you focus on your goals.”