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RtTech Software: A Leading Industrial Apps Provider

The Industrial IoT is often labelled as being disruptive. This implies that the technology is disruptive to the environment in which it is entering. This notion is completely erroneous. Industrial IoT allows for the implementation of Industrial Analytic software and Big Data in a facility or operation without being intrusive to the existing infrastructure. RtTech can go into older plants and drop-in their Cipher IoT solution without interfering with (or disrupting) existing controls and processes. They achieve this, non-intrusive and non-disruptive implementation with drop-in wireless and add-on sensors using today’s newest edge technologies. This allows their customers regardless of the age of their industrial controls, the ability to leverage the power of IIoT.
Facilitating Operational Intelligence
RtTech Software is a leading Industrial Apps provider, helping global clients in the manufacturing, mining, and power generation industries to increase productivity and decrease energy consumption through operational intelligence.
Industrial apps from RtTech Software aggregate machine and sensor data from across the production process and use advanced analytics to provide operational intelligence in context via an intuitive dashboard. The solutions integrate within the areas of the operation with the biggest bottom line impact – asset utilization and utilities consumption. Benefits include the ability to empower operators with real-time Data, maximize production capacity, improve product quality, reduce downtime and unplanned stoppag, and optimize utilities consumption to lower energy costs. RtTech solutions are deployed in over 80+ sites throughout 26 different countries.
Apps for Industrial Analytics
RtTech Software develops and markets Industrial Apps that provide Operational Intelligence that run on an IoT platform, Cipher. RtTech’s Cipher kick-starts IoT projects and uncovers the opportunities of a connected data platform for industrial clients. Connect every asset, sensor, MES, and ERP data source that drives your operation with a flexible Industrial IoT platform.
RtTech offers two main app solutions – RtDUET, a real-time software app designed to improve asset availability and utilization in industrial facilities like manufacturing, mining, and power generation, and RtEMIS, an energy management information system designed to help industrial facilities reduce energy consumption.
Leading Light of RtTech Software
Keith Flynn, President and Founder of RtTech Software, is an integral part of the development of both RtDUET and RtEMIS. By trade, Keith is a certified Professional Engineer, with a B. Eng in Electrical Engineering, as well as a B. Science and Certificate of Applied Science. Though modest regarding the achievement, Keith is also a prestigious Sexton Scholar at Dalhousie University.
With over 16 years of industry experience, Keith is also a principal partner at ADM Systems Engineering, an implementation partner of RtTech. This insight helps Keith and his product development team ensure that RtTech’s products integrate the latest technical capabilities and deliver the most effective results for their customers.
Success Stories
RtTech has successfully helped many companies streamline their business. For instance, AGL, one of Australia’s leading energy companies, faced challenges due to rapid growth, inefficiency to share data across several sites. They chose RtTech and installed RtDUET for asset management. Multiple site installation, integration with existing process log-books, and Standardized KPI calculation across sites have ultimately resulted in 5% data accuracy gain.
Similarly, with a large food and beverage manufacturer, RtDUET enabled real-time detection of downtimes events and production slowdowns. RtDUET is installed in 30+ such plants and is ready to be installed in 190+ plants by the end of 2017. RtTech Software’s 2500 installations in 25+ different countries are helping clients like these to increase productivity and reduce energy waste.
Preparing for the Future of IoT Sector
As IIoT innovations continue to develop, it is expected that the number of connected devices will multiply to well over the ten-figure mark. One reason for this growth is that the combination of Industrial IoT and Big Data analytics promises to continue to improve operational efficiency and innovation, which will ultimately unearth new revenue streams for manufacturers.
Although the future appears bright, the seemingly endless potential of the Industrial IoT is by no means a guarantee. In order for the innovations of the Industrial IoT to thrive, there needs to be a significant consumer and government buy-in. Government support and funding is often crucial in helping companies invest in new technology.
The RtTech Software team is preparing themselves by working with as many edge device hardware vendors as possible, using as many new and legacy industrial protocols as they can support. This is enabling them to understand the processes of all the vertices of the industry. “We want a truly drop-in solution for almost any situation,” says Keith. They are adding more and more relevant protocols with a high focus on wireless connectivity.
Focused on things like MQTT, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Thread; RtTech is working hard to be efficient and secure in cellular, satellite, LoRaWAN and other data transmission methods. “We want to be the Industrial IoT Edge Connector first. If we can own the connectivity space, then we can move into providing apps as necessary,” concluded Keith

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