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RPMG: Rolling the Moneyball of Revenue Performance

Moneyball, a 2011 Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, is a tale of how unorthodox business intelligence coupled with an unconventional approach can reap spectacular success. In the movie, a baseball team manager and an economics graduate come together to design a system to draft a winning Major League team with a limited budget.
Many people would be quick to dismiss it as the typical feel-good plot. However, it is actually based on the true story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics baseball team. That creative approach to business intelligence is not limited to sports; it is embraced by a company that is using non-traditional, out-of-the-box thinking to amplify its clients’ revenue capacity – RPMG.
The company has empowered businesses in every corner of the world with its astonishing analytics platform, TelemetRy.
Cutting-edge Revenue Analytics
RPMG believes that in order to see the problem, you need insight, and to get insight, you need data.  It has been utilizing BI and Analytics to tackle such major issues.
TelemetRy is an intelligent cutting-edge revenue analytics platform which has demonstrated how an improvement of just one percent at the right point in an organizational pipeline can increase its total revenue by 5% and profit by 32%, without touching pricing.
The TelemetRy platform supports clients by facilitating a wide range of diagnostic and performance improvement services. The company has focused primarily on providing analyzed data and identifying performance issues and blockages. Its extraordinary range of capabilities further helps clients to rectify such concerns and strategize accordingly.
The Initial Challenge – Resistance from the Status Quo
The plot of Moneyball showed rather hilariously how a new, untested system immediately faces a wall of criticism and distrust. RPMG’s CEO, Craig McKell, explains, “Just like Billy Beane in Moneyball, the biggest challenge we’ve faced has been resistance from what we will call the ‘status quo’.”
The company looks at marketing and selling in an entirely different way, one which “challenges everything today’s marketing and sales executives have ever learned about what they’ve been doing for decades.”
The approach and practices initiated by the company require a significant investment of hard work by CMO’s and CSO’s, which improves revenue performance. Craig adds, “CEO’s and CFO’s love us.  CMO’s and CSO’s – not so much.  Until they see the results, of course.”
Simplifying Revenue Performance
RPMG has witnessed enormous success and seen massive growth since its inception in 2005. The prime reason behind the fast pace of that success is the company’s CEO, Craig McKell.
Craig started in the industry by working at renowned companies like PwC, Ernst & Young, and Telecom NZ. He is also a founder of Woodland Home Products, a company that grew sales within Australia by 21%; export sales by 100% and overall sales by 25%. Subsequently, he returned Woodland Home Products to profitability by delivering a bottom line turnaround of more than 400%.
Craig was fascinated by the idea of business intelligence solutions and wanted to contribute to the sector. That drive to follow his passion has led to the creation of this leading business intelligence solutions provider.
Craig states, “I’ve done some interesting and rewarding things in my career but nothing even comes close to the satisfaction that I get from watching the impact RPMG is still having on people’s businesses, and their lives.”
Today, the company has reached around 150 global and regional clients. Craig says that it is gratifying working with global giants of the likes of Google, IBM, EY and Westpac, but it is also immensely satisfying and humbling working with smaller companies who aren’t so well known, but turning around their revenue performance with the RPMG platform.
Why Businesses Choose RPMG
The principal product offered by the company, TelemetRy, is a composite of unparalleled features that entice clients to choose RPMG over its competitors.
Be it a global tech giant or a promising regional enterprise from Australia, the platform has been quantifying their ROI from specific marketing and sales campaigns and activities by measuring contribution to revenue, margin, profit and value.
It has been extraordinarily successful in revealing and quantifying the future financial impacts of changes to the marketing and sales tactical mix. It objectively identifies the stage of the sales process at which buyers are, and how quickly they are moving through the pipeline. Additionally, it analyzes and benchmarks every aspect of an organization’s revenue performance and revenue creation processes over time and against peers.
Through an astute analysis algorithm, TelemetRy is able to measure every aspect of organizational revenue performance to produce piercing insights, which spawns the creation of avenues of improvement that may be implemented far into the future.
Aspirations and Plans
The company believes that everyone will soon come to understand and accept the principles of marginal gain theory and revenue performance.  The concept is just too powerful and simple to remain a secret for too long.
RPMG aims to lead the business intelligence market through its unconventional and consistently incoming strategies.

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