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Royal Vision Group: Connecting the Future of Finance with Advanced Technology

The enigmatic world of finance offers significant value if wisdom and accountability are fairly applied. However, a negligence on the same can lead to key obstacles such as; past works of the financial industry—where they were providing damaging low or negative returns on capital; poor or zero customer service once locked-in; exit fees; and generating profit for themselves regardless of their performance. Five years back, when everything started to transform into digital, there also emerged the demand and opportunity in the financial market for a refreshed and completely new approach to investment strategies and disrupted the industry. Recognizing it earlier than others and entering the market with a refreshed approach, Royal Vision Group started its journey by shaking up the mixture of the current state of the financial systems and corporations, and finely sifting to see where the current problems in asset and wealth management industry (performance-wise and service-wise) are laying and step-by-step eliminating the discovered problems.
Pioneering New Trading Technology
Today, Royal Vision Group has turned into a fast-growing and multi-awarded Alternative Investment Group, which has pioneered a new trading technology — the Two Brain System — to support the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund. The Royal Vision Intelligent Fund is showing outstanding net returns on capital and risk mitigation. With the unparalleled year-to-date performance, it has established itself among the top-ranking professional funds in the industry. The business groundwork of the Royal Vision Group is based on “going back to the roots”, looking as far back as the 17th century, when the Amsterdam stock exchange was established. The reasons for it are the core and time-honored values strictly focused on how to create value for the investor’s given trust and how to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Royal Vision Group is bringing strong business values to the 21st century with a smart, slim, flexible organization. With this frame of mind-set as the base of the company’s business model, Royal Vision Group is combining it with the advancements in today’s computing technology to form a new game-changing modus for providing professional investment solutions in a more sustainable and profitable way. Royal Vision Intelligent Fund’s investment objective is to provide qualified investors with a 24% net annual return at a one-digit annualized volatility. Looking from a completely different perspective on what makes the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund unique, besides its performance, is also, taking great pride and care of all aspect of the business.
A Leader Driven by a Clear Vision
Matjaz Zadravec as a CEO of Royal Vision Group is driven by a clear vision of success. He has delivered an outstanding growth through international expansion of family and corporate businesses across many different regions as their CEO, including the United States, Canada, and Europe. His past experience is built from over 20 years in corporate finance and management, financial restructuring, merger and acquisitions and business development. Having a sharp eye for improvements motivated Mr. Matjaz to start a company with his business partner, Mr. Stefan Frieb (CIO), who had immense experience of 20 years working as a dynamic fund manager with verified resilience in the most volatile market conditions working for premier league players in the financial industry. Thus, took place the foundation of Royal Vision Group offering a complete turnaround on how to approach the funding industry when looking at the investment strategy and business model.
Two Brain Technology and a Highly Sophisticated Brain
A unique Two Brain Technology was developed by Royal Vision Group and is based on a highly sophisticated computer brain, which assists the experienced professional trader to produce the best performance possible. In general, the computer brain, also known as Aia (Artificial Intelligent Assistant), analyzes the market and learns from it with lightning speed, makes a suggestion based on its smart examination of data for a potential trade with probability parameters. Finally, it feeds the information to the human brain, the experienced professional trader, to give a secondary evaluation before executing the trade. With Aia, the principle of the technology takes a much more complex mechanism and it cannot be put into a box of quant fund strategies. As Aia analyzes the market data, it is able to adapt to the current market situation and offer a scope of different strategies, which are best suitable for current conditions. In order to ensure that the uncertainty does not deflect the endeavor from the performance goals, Royal Vision Group has created a multi-level and multi-layer safety control to provide the fund with optimized risk-reward ratio. Besides the risk mitigation made by the Two Brain System — which includes an automatic stop-loss software—Royal Vision Intelligent Fund also uses other safety precautions, such as intraday trading and low market participation. The complete business structure and the technology of the Intelligent Fund were built on the base of managing risk first and then maximizing the return on capital performance.
Constantly Evolving the Technology and Business Model
Royal Vision Group has a standard activity in the research and development department, where they are constantly evolving the technology and business model, to make the final corporate operations even leaner and meaner. Other than following, the targeted goals of bringing the investment objective of 24% net annual return to existing investor, they are currently focusing on increasing the AUM to get noticed by bigger financial institutions and family offices.

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