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Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean sets cruises for US voyages in July and August 

On Friday, Royal Caribbean International announced that it will set sail for trips leaving from Florida, Texas and Washington State, therefore resuming their US voyages with 8 of their ships. The trips have been set for the months of July and August. 
In light of this announcement the cruise line said that they will have all of their crew members vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and will also make it mandatory for passengers above 16 years of age travelling to Alaska to be vaccinated as well. 
Passengers travelling on other trips through US waters, will not mandatorily be required to be vaccinated, however, Royal Caribbean has “strongly recommended” that they do. 
For passengers who aren’t vaccinated, COVID-19 tests will be taken along with other precautionary measures that they are yet to announce. 
The cruise companies in the US are still in conversation with respective authorities about the health measures that are required to restart their cruise. 
The Royal Caribbean while making plans to start trial voyages sometime this month expects to have 12 ships to to be making trips worldwide, by the end of August, which will include ships sailing from the United Kingdom, Europe as well as the Bahamas.