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Tim Cook

CEO Tim Cook’s order of returning to office has Apple’s employees revolting 

In contrast to most tech giants return to work hybrid policy, Apple CEO, Tim Cook as on Wednesday had asked his employees to return to working from office for 3 days a week, starting September. 
In response to this, around 80 employees wrote a letter stating their frustration and how they would prefer a more flexible work policy. The workers, while stating their concerns in the letter wrote about how they would prefer a policy where those who wanted to work from home or remotely, could do so. 
Some of the concerns revolved around how this present location-flexible work policy of Apple has already made employees quit their job. 
In the internal letter that was obtained by the outlet, it stated, “Without the inclusivity that flexibility brings, many of us feel we have to choose between either a combination of our families, our well-being, and being empowered to do our best work, or being a part of Apple.” 
The letter also expressed how some of the employees over the last few years have felt “unheard” and “ignored” with respect to a remote-working policy. 
It read, “It feels like there is a disconnect between how the executive team thinks about remote/location-flexible work and the lived experiences of many of Apple’s employees.” 
To justify this decision, CEO Tim Cook said that work related video calls from home “simply can’t replicate” some aspects of the office life. 
He also said that he has asked his employees to come into work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, for Wednesdays and Fridays it would be up to the employees to decide whether they wanted to work from home or not.