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Andrew Powell | Group CEO | route2work

route2work: Creating Pathways towards a World of Opportunity

The EdTech market is experiencing a digital revolution: the emergence of millennial and Gen Z talent into the careers market has disrupted the reliance on traditional forms of education. Young people no longer live and learn in the same way, and as a result, education and professional development must adopt a digital edge to surpass the shortcomings of archaic forms of learning.
The UK market is stunted by traditional routes to work: college, university, apprenticeships, T-Levels. As a result, they’re falling short when it comes to satisfying the appetite of young learners who want to make the most of on-demand learning which allows them the ability to study on their own terms and achieve a career upon completion. With seminars and lectures largely being classroom based, on a set schedule, this is something structured learning environments simply aren’t accommodating.
What’s the solution?
Embracing digital education, that leads to real jobs for talent across the UK, is a key step. Education, when combined with technology, provides avenues for students to learn and improve, whilst allowing educators to deliver content effectively. The way we interact with technology is rapidly changing so it’s vital the education system keeps pace with this developing landscape. This is where EdTech comes into focus.
EdTech has been embraced by myriad of industry leaders, who themselves are investing in creating needs-suited equipment and contemporary classrooms to provide a forward-thinking and development-focussed environment for education.
Allowing flexible options through online learning is just one of EdTech’s many benefits. Few companies can boast the availability of a high-quality e-learning environment that equips its students with career-focussed skills. route2work stands out here: they provide a world-class training environment that allows aspirational students to pursue their dream career.
An Insight into route2work
route2work is a social impact business and a full-service education, qualifications and careers provider. Its primary focus is to get talent into work and in accelerating the careers of those already in work by offering world-class digitized content with vendor-based qualifications, that is industry-standard, and leads to interviews & career progression with their employment partners.
With 60% of its student-base coming from inner-city, disadvantaged backgrounds, they continuously strive to empower talented students, regardless of their socio-economic background.
route2work works with brands such as full service career provider, The Training Room (, and Digital talent acquisition and talent management business, Infinity Global.IO (
Driving the Revolution
Disrupting the educational environment and making other people’s career aspirations a reality is a challenge, one that, to reach its potential, needs to have an immense amount of focus and ambition behind it. Setting sail to revolutionise the EdTech market is Andrew Powell, Group CEO of route2work.
Andrew can relate to the majority of route2work’s student-base: growing up on a run-down council estate in South Wales afforded few career opportunities. At just 16 years old, he joined the military where he served for eleven years, including 5 years with the British Special Forces in conflict zones that included the Gulf War I, the former Yugoslavia and Northern Ireland.
Before growing route2work into the forward-thinking EdTech provision it is today, Andrew served as Group Chief Operating Officer at FTSE 250 business Colt Technology Services. His passion for supporting disadvantaged talent into work and his leadership as a service ‘mantra’ continues to enable thousands of talented people to fulfill their career aspirations.
Ensuring students are committed to their career development is crucial; in Andrew’s own words:
“I have a mantra that is: I don’t care what education, skills or experience you have. I can give you those. What I can’t give you is the right attitude and a work ethic. You have to bring those.”
World-Class Technology Solutions
Partnering with TCS iON (the educational arm of the TATA group) on a digital technology level, means that route2work can support career development via a dynamic, digital and technologically driven platform.
The alliance has been crucial in providing technology at scale across the talent acquisition, talent management, education, qualification and employment space. route2work’s significant Global counterparts are making huge efforts to ensure that its technology offering remains cutting edge and meets the needs of talent in a way that is engaging and universally accessible.
Development in Foresight
route2work is disrupting the traditional UK educational, talent acquisition and talent management space by offering digitized education and real jobs for eligible candidates across the UK market.
It is enabling disadvantaged talent to access careers they never dreamed they could access, with sights set on bringing the positive social impact from accessible professional development to a global stage. Using world-class technology and solutions, it aims to get millions of talented people, globally, into the careers of their dreams. The initial phase of extending outside of the UK market will see route2work launch into the Indian market in September 2019.