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The Rothschild Corporation: One-Stop Strategic Solution for All Consulting and Management Training Needs

We live in a global community with professional organizations in project management, engineering, sciences and other professions because certifications such as PMP, Six Sigma, Green and Black Belts are awarded worldwide. Following standardized requirements, the practices and procedures are easily integrated into global teams facilitating effective project management.
To be able to provide advice, ideas and even implement them under ambiguous situations or under circumstances that such professional organizations might not have seen or been through, Consultants as a breed came into existence. The Rothschild Corporation is one such consultant company expertized in Strategic Planning, Change Management, Recruiting, Project Management, Talent Management, Training and World Trade Consulting.
Abetting the Businesses since Ages
The Rothschild Corporation is a woman- and minority owned Houston-based company with more than 14 years of experience; they know what it takes to help businesses hire the right IT, project management, executive consultants, or trainers to meet client’s project needs.
They also help organizations through extensive leadership, soft skills, team building and computer skills training, and project and change management consulting services.
Whether clients need to improve company and employee performance with staffing, leadership and technical training, change management, business process re-engineering, or end-to-end talent management and information technology solutions, The Rothschild Corporation works with the client to draft a clear plan to achieve their short, medium and long-term goals.
A Strong-minded and Adroit Leader
It is obvious that the creator of a company which manages so many different sectors must have a vast experience in the market.
She, Susanne Rothschild, President of The Rothschild Corporation, is experienced in strategic human performance solutions with domestic and international organizations to realize improved bottom-line results. During her 25 plus years in the business world, Susanne has focused on human potential with Fortune 500 companies and brought expertise in leadership, consulting, training and development, coaching, cultural awareness, strategic planning, communications, change management, project management, valuing diversity, and team building to promote a positive and effective team environment. Susanne draws on her experience as an executive consultant with Accenture and her varied roles with Texas Instruments in addition to her MBA training.
Susanne has also facilitated training in Change Management, Enhanced Sales Methods, and Leadership to international personnel from the oil, security, HR, finance, electric power, non-profit, and education sectors and which “ “ included representatives from the USA, China, Iran, Mexico, Columbia, and Honduras.
Hovering over the Hardships 
All Leaders Face Adversity.
Exceptional Leaders Thrive in It. During the economic downturn in 2003, Susanne was inspired to launch her boutique consulting firm offering the change management, project management and training services that she had previously provided on large projects as a consultant for a global firm – but now through her own consulting company.
Although she was experienced in managing projects and consulting with clients worldwide, she initially faced the complications of learning how to structure, market, manage, and sell her services. She had to learn how to handle the payroll, accounting, tax reporting, marketing, and selling for the business – each of these areas required new skills and knowledge.
Dominating the Industry with Surfeit Services
The Rothschild Corporation works with their client’s team and executives to develop the solutions that meet their consulting and management training needs. Rothschild offers Business Consulting to help their clients achieve their strategic objectives and goals. They consult with the company’s representative and executives to create and revise strategic plans or find solutions to maximize their company’s success. The working sessions can help clarify the root cause and possible solutions for trends to transform.
Rothschild provides Management Training & Development, Team Building consulting and training, Birkman® Profile and Selection Assessments, Recruiting and Human Resources Consulting, Project and Change Management, Effective Communications, Professional Development online programs to prepare participants for certifications in Project Management (PMP), Sales & Marketing, Six Sigma, and SCRUM. eLearning for over 100 soft skills, Leadership and Project Management Courses available as online self-paced training. Onsite Soft Skills Training in over 100 topics. Courses can be customized to meet the client’s specific needs. Rothschild is also efficient to provide Training Strategy, Plans and Implementation, Customized Microsoft and Technical Training Development and Delivery, Succession Planning and Executive/Management Coaching.
Advice to Young Entrepreneurs: To Manage Money Mindfully 
For those with start-ups or about to build their company, Susanne advises to save finances to take care of personal living expenses and business expenses for at least several months. If you can work in your field or have other sources for steady cash flow, you will have more energy to focus on building the business. It is also important to know that those business owners who are starting out typically work very long hours for little or no income until they get established. If they love their work, then they will be inspired and energized to do whatever it takes to succeed.
Bridging Knowledge and Expertise for Future Development
Strategic planning to expand The Rothschild Corporation presence in the global market requires developing a strong network of professionals in related and supporting fields to fill the gaps in knowledge and expertise. Because the planet has become a global community through trade, the internet, and social media, Susanne has great hopes that the consulting services are accepted and welcomed worldwide. The key always is to build and maintain relationships

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