You are currently viewing Rootquotient: An Accelerator of Industry 4.0 Democratizing AI, Blockchain and Improvising Human-Computer Interaction
Rajagopalan | founder and CEO | Rootquotient

Rootquotient: An Accelerator of Industry 4.0 Democratizing AI, Blockchain and Improvising Human-Computer Interaction

‘Do more with less’. This is what every organization aims to achieve when it enters an industry. In the tech world, with the same essence, companies aim to integrate IT systems, eliminate redundancy, and improve efficiency. This holistic setup ensures a platform that serves as the foundation for future growth.
Today, we bring forth such a company that develops tailor-made holistic digital solutions for Web, Mobile, Data, and Cloud. We would like to introduce Rootquotient.
A dream of talented individuals brought Rootquotient to life. A dream of building a technology entity impacting the lives of millions positively. And today, the firm designs and develops bespoke applications that are innovative on the tech front. As a major player in industry 4.0, the firm aims to democratize AI, Blockchain, and improvises human-computer interaction with research collaboration plans with Top Universities and Research Labs across the world.
The Mastermind Behind
A dynamic personality, Rajagopalan is the founder and CEO of Rootquotient. He has over 12 years of experience in Digital strategy and Innovation consulting within the tech industry. His strong belief in ‘going bullish’ has resonated within the team since the inception of the organization. Consequently, Rootquotient leads the industry in unconventional ways and solves real-life problems. At present, Raj concentrates on assisting startups to leverage modern technologies and develop solutions for enterprises on Industry 4.0.
Customer-Oriented Services
Rootquotient delivers holistic solutions to specific client’s needs via:
Digital Product Development: The firm develops custom products for web and mobile that people fold into their lives. It creates scalable applications focusing specially on security. Rootquotient has always been a promoter of Flutter, the cross-platform Application Development Framework from Google. Using Flutter, the firm promises to save fortunes for the clients and reduce the development timeline.
Data Analytics: Rootquotient integrates data into analytics-ready systems or builds scalable data warehousing architecture to accelerate ROI. The firm believes that creating a data-first culture and systematic approach towards harnessing it makes it easy to visualize complex data relationships. It also believes that only the right KPIs can gain momentum while all other vanity metrics are mere numbers.
Staff Augmentation: Herein, the firm leverages the capabilities of professionals and adds them to an existing workforce in hassle-free management. It understands the challenges in software development and reduces the time to form an in-house development team. It also helps rule out the difficulty of finding dynamic resources with multiple skills and deal with unexpected workload issues or complex tasks. Rootquotient adds all of this with freedom of management.
Digital Strategy Consultation for Startups: With the belief ‘sooner you reach the market, higher the chances of success,’ the firm focuses its startup services on being simple, agile, and flexible. The team helps develop the business plan, business model, and critical milestones on the way. The process starts with consultation, idea validation, idea development via wireframe, solution development, and launching the MVP.
Digital Strategy Consultation for Enterprises: The experts at Rootquotient outclass competition using a strategy that drives values. It leverages the power of Cloud computing, Mobility, Automation, IoT, Data Analytics and Blockchain to make an impact. Throughout the process, it is the IT that transforms the firm’s delivery model for providing more value to its customers.
Industry’s Firsts
Rootquotient comprises great innovators, creators, and differentiators with ambitious standards. The team delivers results that not just meet the client’s needs but ensure their success and make them stand out. Furthermore, the firm has a culture of integrity and accountability to drive the client’s success. It encourages creativity and innovation among people.
One of the leading B2B rating platform, Clutch has named Rootquotient as the ‘Top Developers in Canada’ in their 2020 report. With such a robust team and incredible culture, the firm has a handful of ‘firsts’ in the technology sector. Some of these include:

  • Built the world’s first ‘Trade-Compliance Blockchain,’ intended to reduce the customer on-boarding and transaction time for companies and businesses.
  • A school management application, inclusive of the management, teachers, parents & students towards constructive goals of every stakeholder in the upbringing of a kid. To assure increased accessibility and user-friendliness, this app is being built for Android & iOS using Flutter.
  • Building the first all-in ecosystem for an investors-backed eSports startup.

Solutions for Tomorrow
At present, Rootquotient addresses the emerging needs of start-ups and companies in Canada and the United States and plans to expand its presence to the UK soon. On the innovation front, it is already in talks with a prestigious University in Toronto to set up a research and development laboratory to promote the work of students around Machine Learning & AI.
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