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Ronen Sasson: A Relentless Visionary

A “Can do” approach to  Leadership
Ronen SassonCo-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CommuniTake, is an accomplished software industry executive and visionary, with an extensive history of pioneering new ground in business and telecommunication systems. Ronen has a proven record of strong leadership, passion and innovation and he brings 30 years of successful experience managing high-tech products and professional services. Before CommuniTake, Ronen spent 14 years in Amdocs where he was the founder and general manager of the company’s self-service line-of-business vision, product & market direction, and commitment to customer service resulting in more than US$100M annual revenues in just four years. Before Amdocs, Ronen spent nine years in advanced technology military technology units & development centers, and he holds B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion. He is also a marathon runner, accomplished 3 marathons and 3 triathlons as well as artist.
Ronen’s personality has many contributing levels which come out with his unique leadership abilities. Serving as an ‘officer’ in the Israeli Air Force and as a Vice President in Amdocs, he has established leadership qualities that impact current role in driving success. As a marathon runner combining the creativity that came from art, he believes that his mission in life is to make dreams into reality influencing millions of people. He is driven by a “Can Do” approach and “Embracing Challenges” as a way of life with continuous learning and analyzing both success and failures.
CommuniTake Technologies: Front-Runner in Mobile Productivity and Security
CommuniTake was established to provide “Mobile Care Everywhere” strategy and delivers three building blocks of mobile care: Productivity, Security, and Manageability. CommuniTake started with productivity via omni-channel support and then shifted to deliver security combined with infused manageability based on market readiness and adaptation. CommuniTake platform unifies robust multi-channel support with comprehensive Highly secured Enterprise Mobility Management and core IoT services for mass management of any type of android screens.
INTACT Mobile Security Platform
Influenced by the Cyber war and crime, the company had decided to leverage and take its Enterprise management and support platform into the domain of Enterprise Mobile security management platform. After 2 years of development, supported by the Israeli chief scientist program, the company provides mobile-first organizations Multilayered protection built from the ground up like no other through a complete mobile communications and management capabilities with military-grade security, providing in-depth protection across mobile wiretapping and attacks threats. It spans a broad range of critical mobile endpoint security needs, from identifying and blocking the latest emerging threats in keeping all mobile devices in continuous compliance with organizational mobility policies. The platform also includes a dedicated high-end device (“IntactPhone”)  which is specially manufactured with trusted hardware and bootloader capable of providing unbreakable device as well as comprehensive Virtual Private Network with encrypted communications for both voices and messaging across the enterprise. The platform improves security, efficiency and manageability of mobile devices that engage confidential communications and house mission-critical applications, and classified business data. This platform is already selected as best in class and in use with federal, low enforcement units all over the world and company has secured new orders of thousands of devices in short time.
In its mobility portfolio, CommuniTake clearly depicts how it is different from its competitors. Other players need to assemble numerous detached solutions from several vendors to set a solution that unifies security, mobility management, and productivity. CommuniTake delivers it in its all-in-one integrated platform. CommuniTake’s advantage is evident in multiple ways; A complete multi tear proven support suite among the competitors and the only mobile security platform that is integrating hardened device, secure communications, big data analytics, central governance and support multiple tools.
CommuniTake’s unique competence is driven by operating as part of Israel  ‘cyber nation’ and leveraging highly capable local talent in cyber security solutions. The company leverage strategic investors as a door opener to global opportunities with global go-to-market through a network of well-connected expert distributors, OEM engagements with leading security solutions and working closely with Israel’s cyber security partners.
CommuniTake always tries to be one step ahead of their competitors and introduce better value proposition to prospects. Their customers are enjoying unique capabilities such as;
(1)  A Military-grade secure mobile device with hardened device firmware in driver and boot loader levels eliminating wiretapping and malicious cyber-crime attacks by any vector of attack;
(2)  Delivers fully integrated central use governance system for group level policy that includes built-in MDM;
(3)  Allows remote takeover of problematic device for seamless productivity and quick resolution;
(4)  Offers a complimentary BYOD solution targeting all android and iOS devices in the enterprise  protecting against wiretapping as well as real-time application-level analysis  by embedded antivirus and signed component driven diagnostics empowered by big data analytics;
(5)  On-Premise or Cloud-based deployment for flexible delivery and higher security.
One-of-a-kind social support app for collaborative support via the community; a mobile to mobile remote support by friends.
Dreaming Big and Going Far
Ronen wishes to be the default choice for any organization to deploy top-notch mobile security. Ronen says, “Today we work with innovative early adopters, mainly governmental and low enforcement and we will grow as the market will adopt the Cyber Technology and Mobility Management at a mass level. This is already seen when we grew up by hundreds of presents in new orders and we have already built a scalable and reliable platform to maintain our growth in a solid manner.”