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Ronda Landa | Sales Director | First American Title

Ronda Landa: A Trailblazer Enabling Various Aspects of Business

A great business leader is sculpted by their unconventional methods of handling hurdles, distinct approach, adaptability to the situations, and zeal to transform with the changing times. Success and failure are like a pendulum, where every decision is always on the verge of going either way. However, a good leader always strategizes and makes the pendulum leaning towards success than failure.
Ronda Landa is one such leader who, with her excellent skills, has managed to impact the real estate industry by supporting her clients in creating best practice to assist them in reaching their CRE transactional goals. She successfully defines her role as the Sales Director at First American Title National Commercial Services division by using her local and national commercial real estate expertise to help close clients’ transactions as efficiently as possible.
Before becoming a Sales Director, Ronda had managed different roles in her professional career and gained excellent communication skills running committees, departments, and teams. She is also socially engaged in enhancing brands she is involved in.
Up Until Now
Ronda was raised by her grandparents in a subjugated Hispanic neighborhood. The Federal Grant assisted her interior design school. She later went on to work as a commercial interior designer. She was chaired on the board of ASID and became the national student president.
Ronda also sat on the panel for IIDA as a judge for new furnishings and trends in Los Angeles. She moved to Utah and became Sales Director for an interior design and furnishing company. She decided to venture into entrepreneurship following her sales career and was a solo practitioner for a decade.
At the same time, Ronda was going through a divorce. It gave her the flexibility to be involved in her child’s education, make a living, and keep a roof over her head.
Ronda used her transferable skills to land herself as the Sales Director for First American Title in Salt Lake City.
Mission and Vision
Ronda expresses that First American Title likes to say; when the stakes are high, you need accuracy, experience, and easy-to-reach commercial experts you can rely on.
First American Titles covers its clients’ risks, provides expert guidance, and tailors solutions every step of the way. Its stability, tenure in the business, depth of services, and breather of experience are the traits the company is proud of.
A Social Impact
Ronda’s involvement in CRE organization and leadership, CREW, CCIM, ULI, WEN, and UCRE highlights her best practices to the network. She promotes various programs through her and UCRE network to set up meetings and create events for interested parties and bring them together to connect internal and external teams. She also created the Women’s Council for female MRED students from the University of Utah.
Ronda looks to develop her niche in energy transactions and create events on sustainability for UCRE and ULI. She has joined the Energy Practice Group and promotes her strengths through this network.
Ronda has founded and chaired CCIM excellence awards for six years to elevate and celebrate excellence in CRE. She was the CREW president, headed up the Strategic Planning Committee, and worked with the U of U professor for two years to create and implement the strategic plan. She also has spoken and moderated multiple panels in CRE.
A Century of Leveraging Technologies
For the last 132 years, First American Title has managed to stay ahead of its competitors through technology. It has invested in automation of the title and closing process for a faster response. It has created an innovating team, a think tank to develop innovative ideas to explore.
What If?
A change that Ronda would like to bring into financial services is to create ‘relationship’ opportunities to stay connected. She asserts humans are social and need the connection as much as technology, so business relationships should balance between the company and the client.
The Revamp
The Data and Technology Solutions industry is preparing for its following significant change. Ronda believes that there will be abundant apps to conduct the business from, and the industry will use automation for entire transactions from opening and closing orders and everything in between.
Forecasting the Future
Ronda loves her role as a Sales Director and Account Manager. She looks forward to adding energy sector clients to her portfolio. It is exciting and key to her future success, a critical move in her career both important and rewarding.
A Shining Hope
Over the course of Ronda’s career, she learned that no matter the field, education is important. In her advice to budding entrepreneurs, she says, “Be tenacious and enjoy what you do. Make it your career and not just a job. Believe in yourself, build partnerships and networks. Get good mentors and sponsors and make sure your company value matches your values. Most importantly, Say YES to challenges.”