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Ronald Barcellos: Hard Working Enthusiast

Every entrepreneur’s journey when retold with the benefit of hindsight can throw up valuable lessons on several aspects of ‘how to manage a business.’ However, many such stories often tend to oversimplify the hardship that is being an entrepreneur. The journey is often seen as a set of events that shaped the venture into what it is today, but in reality it is much more complex than that. There are countless unforeseen events and day-to-day challenges that often get left out of these types of narratives as well as the critical role played by management in executing a strategy which is all too often overlooked.
Having said that, when an entrepreneur looks back at his or her own journey and asks the question “what could I have done better?” it gives a whole new perspective to the narrative. One such story is that of a software entrepreneur who believed that whatever he becomes, he has to be the absolute best at it. This is the journey of Ronald Barcellos, Chief Executive Officer at GreenMile. Never one to ‘follow the crowd’, Ronald is constantly looking for new ways to reinvent the market – and he’s well on his way to leaving a legacy of market disruption in the logistics software arena.
‘It Was All About Establishing the Business & How It All Started’
Ronald’s career spans more than 15 years in the development of new markets and business for supply chain and logistics software companies worldwide that began with his startup E-novations, a Brazil-based company which Ronald successfully led to become one of South America’s leading supply chain and logistics software resellers.
In 2012, Ronald co-founded GreenMile to offer globally a set of solutions and services that provide companies worldwide with optimal logistics planning and real-time visibility over logistics execution, helping them be more effective and increase their profits. Over the past years Ronald has successfully applied his startup, executive, sales, and business development skills to help GreenMile become a leader in the logistics software market.
But this success has not come easily. Ronald’s journey into business and entrepreneurship has been an unusual and eventful road punctuated by many twists and turns. Ronald discovered long ago that the formula for business success is equal parts confidence & determination, hard work, creativity and an unwavering focus on serving the needs of the customer.
Scaling the Business
GreenMile fills an important gap in the market with real-time route execution and delivery metrics. Their cloud-based dispatching module “GreenMile Live” provides the logistics management middleware that connects route planning solutions to telematics solutions, providing companies in-depth actual-versus-planned visibility and management over their mobile resources. In addition, GreenMile “learns” from the execution occurring in the field and can feed this updated information back into route planning solutions, thus improving the quality of the planning data and consequently allowing companies to optimize their routes even more.
GreenMile also offers customers a full suite of mobility tools, including apps for Drivers, Service Techs, Sales Reps, Merchandisers and Managers.  GreenMile’s mobile applications allow users to view everything from the details of a route plan before the day starts to capturing route execution data as it occurs.
Setting the Right Tone
GreenMile has always placed a premium on focusing on the customer, with quick responses to a client’s needs being one of the hallmarks that built the company in to what it is today.  And GreenMile is constantly innovating – consistently recognized for being (at least!) a step ahead of the competition in terms of both technology and functionality within their SaaS based software platform. Their solutions have a clean, modern design with easy to use interfaces and features that provide real value and ROI for their customer base.
Making the Natural Progression into the Enterprise Space
Innovation is GreenMile’s obsession. They work very closely with their customers in understanding their ever-changing business needs to make sure that their system is constantly enhanced to meet customers’ operational needs and continue to provide outstanding ROI. An example can be seen in GreenMile’s software updates; they release updated versions of their solutions quarterly, each with dozens of new features and software enhancements. They still dedicate roughly 70% of their product roadmap to customer requests. GreenMile recognizes that delivering customer-driven functionality is one of the key components to remain successful in today’s ever-changing market landscape.
Serving a True Need in the Market
GreenMile’s Suite delivers fleet performance tracking & metrics on mobile workers including drivers, merchandisers and sales people, providing complete, real-time visibility into the delivery or service day.  GreenMile’s SaaS-based solutions work seamlessly with existing routing software, providing Actual vs. Plan (AvP) information as well as real-time insight into the delivery day from practically any mobile device, handheld, or telematics system.  This ‘last-mile’ tends to be the most expensive portion of the supply chain, and it’s the area that GreenMile directly impacts. Typical results include significant reductions in mileage, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, better customer service and higher successful delivery rates. Overall GreenMile helps companies to improve customer service while reducing distribution costs.
Building Density
GreenMile have been doubling their size every year and they expect to continue this accelerated growth over the next 2 years, both domestically and internationally. They’re also looking to add additional products/services that complement their current suite. Ronald’s role is to ensure his team remains laser-focused on reaching their goals, both in terms of revenue and product development/innovation.
Moving Ahead
GreenMile has grown aggressively over the past 3 years and they will continue on that path. The future has been looking better and better for them. And as GreenMile grows, they will continue to make sure that they keep doing the things that brought them to this point – constant innovation and a close relationship with their customers.