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Quimi Romar SL

Romar Global Care Group: Redefining Sustainability in Home and Personal Care Products

The heightened focus on health and well-being has elevated the significance of self-care. It is now widely recognized as aneco essential practice rather than a mere indulgence. The worldwide shift towards urban living has accelerated the pace of life and introduced various environmental elements, necessitating a greater emphasis on self-care.

In response to these imperatives, the personal care products industry is dedicated to meeting a broad spectrum of consumer needs and safeguarding their overall well-being. Furthermore, the emergence of e-commerce and digital marketing has brought about a significant transformation within the industry.

Romar Global Care Group is a manufacturing group specializing in household and Personal care products. Comprising various companies with distinct expertise in different product categories, the group collectively brings over 50 years of experience to the sector. In the times when the industry is on the horizon, we decided to understand the business dynamics from the pinnacle of the industry.

Below are the highlights of our interview with Romar Global Care Group:

Can you please provide an overview of your company, its mission, and the key products or services it offers in the home appliances sector?

We are an international group involved in the manufacturing of household and personal care consumer products in aerosol, cream, and liquid formats.

We have more than 50 years of experience in the sectors we operate, bringing a unique approach to diversification in terms of product categories, channels, end markets, and geographies.

When we speak of our mission, we explain that we have a Care Plan: Value, Health, and Earth. Value because we make affordable products that we want to make available to all. Health, because we provide well-being for yourself and your home. Earth because we aspire to do it in an increasingly sustainable manner.

How would you describe your company’s current position in the home appliances market, and what factors do you attribute to its success?

We are known for the diversity of the offering that is covered by our brands, which is extremely convenient for our clients and consumers. Within the 20 product categories that we work in, our selection is wide and comprehensive.

You get a full range, with a great value for money balance, that at the same time is very nicely presented. Our distributors do not have to shop around to satisfy their needs.

Can you share any recent achievements or milestones that have contributed to the growth and reputation of your company?

In 2019, two separate companies, Quimi Romar SL and Envasado Xiomara SL, joined, forming the larger group that we are today. This movement acted as what I often refer to internally as the stimulus for our project. This stimulus generated a surge of energy, releasing a variety of synergies that we have been developing since then and will continue to follow through with.

The industrial synergies reduced our costs and increased our productivity. Also, the commercial synergies have combined two separate product ranges, clients, and geographies with opportunities that we are still exploring. This has spurred our growth, facilitating an increase in the number of people we employ, up to the 400 people that form our team today, something we are very proud of.

What sets your company’s home appliances apart in terms of innovation and technology? Are there any recent developments or upcoming releases you’d like to highlight?

Good quality does not have to be expensive. Often, removing unnecessary frills on the product itself or excessive marketing allows you to generate an offering that matches the quality of more expensive brands at a level that you can make available to all.

This is a philosophy that we are extending, with considerable R&D effort, to ranges that have traditionally been considered to have more added value, like sunscreens, that we launched three years ago. Our sunscreens are technically advanced and reach the consumer at very affordable price levels, helping families protect their skin and their pockets.

We will continue extending our mission to new areas, including increasingly sustainable products. A near example is that of our Sanilactic range of surface cleaners covered by the Ecolabel Certificate.

How does your company stay ahead of the curve in terms of product design and development to meet evolving consumer needs?

We are present, through our clients and our products, in almost 100 countries. This global observer provides us with a considerable advantage when analyzing or perceiving global market trends and general evolution.

This, combined with a constant interaction of our sales, marketing, R&D, and purchase teams… with our clients and our suppliers, keeps us well informed.

What steps does your company take to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in the production and use of home appliances?

EU Regulation generates an initial minimum base that is already demanding constant evolution from its companies. This is a strong starting point. From this first base, we move further up the ladder of sustainability in a variety of manners.

From the production perspective, we have a big leap forward at the end of this year because we are moving to a large new factory certified BREAMM Very Good. This move, with a heavy investment involved, will reduce our carbon footprint, increase solar energy from 15% to 35% of our total consumption, allow for increased efficiency in water management, and much more.

Regarding our products, again, there is a constant evolution, redefining existing items to reduce the quantity of plastic, increase the percentage of recycled plastic, or both. In new items, ecodesign of the packaging is a requirement, as is simplifying lists of ingredients or increasing the number of components of natural origin.

An additional and interesting angle is that we are “exporting” this progress. About 40% of our total sales reach markets outside the EU, where there is frequently less focus on sustainability. All this advance in the level of our products translates into more sustainable consumption also in these markets where we are present.

In your view, what are the emerging trends or technologies in the home appliances sector that are likely to shape the industry in the coming years?

The current situation with inflation, which will probably not be very short-lived, is very challenging. The consumer is trying to find solutions to compensate for these additional costs. Smaller sizes are often against this target, although they may seem to be the contrary. Larger sizes, with better prices per kg or ml, are becoming increasingly relevant, as are the private label products of large retailers.

In addition, general trends linked to sustainability and online shopping are redefining product ranges and the approach of companies to their potential consumers. These will probably accelerate in the next few years.

Companies are forced to dedicate much attention and many resources to keeping up with the changes of these past few years.

Could you share some of the community-oriented projects your company is involved in, especially as they relate to the home appliances sector?

Our ESG plan reminds us of relevant aspects of our activity that we sometimes overlook, considering that they are basic elements of who we are. I refer to the jobs we maintain, 400 direct jobs, and many more indirectly. We source a large majority of our components locally in Spain, and if we consider the EU, this is as much as 90%.

Apart from these relevant points, we are regular donors to several non-profits in our area, mainly focused on fighting poverty. Essential products, as many of ours are considered, are very appreciated by these organizations, which are doing a wonderful job.

For next year, we are preparing an interesting cooperative project with the Oceanográfico de Valencia, focused on sustainability and the sea.

Internally, we have a variety of initiatives for our team, looking to create a great working environment. And much more that we would like to do and are still planning.