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Rohit Garg: Creator of A Virtual Queue Management Solution to Save Time and Resources

An inspiring business leader often knows how to find golden opportunities in between the difficulties and challenges that life throws at them. Such leaders bring changes to businesses by focusing on the most important stakeholder, i.e., the customer. The customer service improvement solutions brought by these leaders could potentially change the way day-to-day business operations are performed. One such leader is Rohit Garg. He founded Qwaiting, a virtual queue management system. 

 Customers do not like to wait in queues, and neither does the company’s employees or management want to have a large queue waiting before them to get customer service. People like to get their customer service in the quickest possible way without having to wait in queues for hours or for minutes, as a matter of fact. It is a timewaster and a boring process for many. 

 What if you could wait in the queue virtually, and do not need to be present in the queue physically and get notified when your turn comes? Qwaiting provides exactly that solution. It is an advantageous solution for both: businesses and their customers. It effectively reduces wait time by more than 50% and delivers customizable services for your business. 

 By ensuring that your customers do not have to waste their valuable time while being serviced, your firm gets customer appreciation and preference for their next product or service purchase. 

We interviewed Rohit to get an insight into his innovative queue management solution and his goals in the technology-driven customer experience space. 

Below are the excerpts from the interview: 

 Please tell our audience about yourself and your professional journey so far. What inspired you to establish Qwaiting as one of the global leaders in Queue management and business solutions space?  

 I am Rohit Garg, the Co-founder of Qwaiting. I am 33 years old and live in Singapore right now. As the founder, I am responsible for managing operations, finances, and collaborative contributions to strategy/priorities, product and company strategy, and development projects.  

 If we talk about Qwaiting, it is a suitable solution that assists firms in enhancing productivity and decreasing the workload of managing clients.  

 Qwaiting is a cloud-based queue management system specially designed to reduce customer wait time while increasing staff productivity. The queue solutions not only boost productivity but also increase profits and boost visitor experience.  

 The idea for Qwaiting came to me when my friend and I went out to dinner and had to stand and wait for a long time before getting seated. This was not the first time something like this had occurred in our lives. Every time we went to that restaurant, we wasted a lot of time. It was quite frustrating.  

 People hate to wait in long lines; therefore, I created this software to reduce small and mid-size enterprises’ (SMEs’) worries and make their brands shine in the digital world.  

 I put in a lot of effort, did a lot of research, and studied the queue system at all hours of the day and night. It took me two years to finally release it.  

 Kindly tell us more about Qwaiting, its products, service offerings, and what makes it stand apart from its competition?  

 I am always keen to explore how businesses, especially retail like banks, financial institutions, and other corporate settings, work to manage their clients. Then, I decided to perform comprehensive research and investigation into this topic.   

 After meeting multiple personalities like a few bank managers, restaurant owners, and other company owners, I accumulated more knowledge about issues faced while managing their customers.  

 My aim developed to create a cutting-edge solution that would reduce client wait times and eliminate lines while giving an easy and reliable experience. My primary goal was to provide an enjoyable waiting experience while also reducing costs, increasing sales, and improving brand reputation.  

 I started Qwaiting after becoming sufficiently aware of the issues that businesses and their customers faced.  

 What kind of services and specialized offerings do you facilitate to your clients? What are the USPs of your company?  

 Our Qwaiting solution is a cloud-based queue management software that is known to reduce customer wait times.   

 We offer an appointment scheduling system that streamlines the bookings. It allows customers to schedule appointments at their convenience. Scheduling, canceling, or rescheduling the bookings is easy. Thus, enhancing customer experience and reducing their hassles of standing in long lines.   

 Another solution we provide is a Virtual Queuing system. It helps customers schedule mobile tickets, monitor real-time progress, and lower in-person visits. Simply put, our virtual waiting line management solution reduces wait time, boosts staff efficiency experience, and enhances exceptional customer experience.    

 Lastly, we have a QR code queue system. A QR code queue system streamlines the waiting process for varying businesses. The customers scan the QR code, and sooner they receive the SMS sent by the business on the confirmation of their place in a virtual queue. This reduces the need for physical lineups of the crowd on-premises and allows people to perform other tasks during virtual queueing.   

 Enlighten us on how Qwaiting has made an impact in the customer experience space through its stronghold in the industry.  

 We all know that long physical lines are obvious when customers visit the stores to shop. Handling physical queues becomes hard in such a situation. Our Qwaiting solution focuses on enhancing customer experience, regardless of the business niche. 

 It has always provided the freedom to the customers to wait at their leisure until their turn comes. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction, revenue growth opportunities, and the brand’s reputation. These are some core areas where Qwaiting always works and hold a strong grip in the industry.   

 COVID-19 proved to be the biggest disruptor since the Dot-com bubble. How did it affect your particular enterprise? How did you drive your organization to sustain operations while ensuring the safety of your employees and clients?   

 The global pandemic altered the experiences of everyone, including employees, consumers, and visitors. Communication between staff and clients was hampered, resulting in negative encounters that no one expected.   

 We adopted the Qwaiting queue management system in place. After all, maintaining social distancing measures was and is the only key to ensuring safety while keeping the business running. The flexibility of work from home was given for the tasks that could be executed online. On the other hand, low-priority tasks were kept on hold.  

 To keep up with the customer experience, we allowed customers to book their places in queue remotely and alert them via message when it was their turn. All this kept the congestion low and both the customer and employees safe from the virus.  

 What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the business solutions and customer experience industry?    

 One piece of advice I would provide to anyone thinking about launching a project is to approach it analytically and with the correct marketing abilities.  

 The ability to recognize when brilliant ideas fail is the most important skill a business person can possess. Being in a position like this, on the other hand, may help you deal with all of your problems. All that remains is for you to research, market, analyze, and deliver your goods and services to your target market.  

 Make sure you are saying the appropriate things about your company and what you want to achieve. And it is in this manner that you will reach the highest level of achievement.  

 Where do you envision yourself to be in the long run, and how do you plan on scaling your company in the future?  

 As an entrepreneur, my main aim is to serve businesses of all types and sizes with an efficient queue management solution that goes beyond expectations.   

 I always motivate workers to live up to their own words and build customers’ trust. Recording all the activities and approaches helps preserve ideas for future use. All this can be applied to employees, finances, ideas, and everything else for which the business is liable.  

 I also believe focusing on building relationships and reaching maximum businesses other than target industries is beneficial. This will help to exchange ideas and help scale up the offerings in distinct niches.   

My team is and will always be there 24/7 to support the businesses or customers wherever or whenever they need assistance.