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Rise Above the Risks: Strategies to Defend Against Common Workplace Hazards

A staggering 4.6 million workplace injuries happen every year – or put it another way – one injury every seven seconds! And this is why it’s true that, while businesses must provide health and safety training – employees ought to take responsibility for their own safety – that should be a #1 priority! Don’t assume that everything is fine at work – there’s always room for improvement.

Don’t lift more than you can handle – know your limits 

When you think about it, musculoskeletal disorders account for 33% of all workplace injuries –  trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis – just to name a few. This often goes unnoticed, but poor posture while standing, sitting, and moving is the main cause. In simpler terms – keeping good posture throughout the working day is key. For instance, when lifting heavy objects, always use your legs for strength and keep the load close to your waist – this way, you will ensure a stable lift. And remember: never try to lift more than you can handle!

One mishap can cause big problems – do your best to avoid them 

It may not seem like a big deal, but ordinary office tools, like power saws and paper trimmers, lead to painful cuts – believe it or not, it’s a thing! One mishap can result in a kerfuffle (as the saying goes) that no one wants to deal with! Inadequate safety procedures and lack of proper protection are often the culprits behind these unfortunate lacerations. But here’s the good news: bosses can help avoid such accidents by providing essential equipment and training—it’s the #1 priority! In other words, leaders who truly care for their workers’ well-being will make it a necessity to provide the best and safest tools as well as training and do everything in their power to avoid bad case scenarios.

Legal advice and hazards – how to go about it?

Workplace safety hazards come in many forms, like trailing cables, uneven walkways, obstacles, leakages, spills, and poor lighting and signage… But here’s what’s often not talked about the invaluable role of an experienced personal injury lawyer in helping you recover compensation when injuries do occur due to these imperfections. They uphold your legal rights and recover damages to cover medical bills and lost wages. A personal injury attorney in Arizona would tell you to inform your superior immediately if you spot any potential hazards, so these hazards can be corrected.

Have an emergency plan – why be ready? 

Here’s a simple but amazing piece of advice – take time to study all available emergency exits and escape routes in your building! It augurs well to know the ones nearest to where you work – and keep an eye out for warning signs alerting potential health and safety risks around the building. Henceforth, you’ll be better able to make an action plan for potential emergency situations like power outages, toxic leakages, extreme weather, or medical emergencies. After all –  better safe than sorry, right?

It’s time for us to own our safety and be proactive in our workplaces. Let’s make it our #1 priority to protect ourselves and our colleagues because, believe it or not, those staggering 4.6 million injuries don’t have to be the norm.