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Ripping Out of Garage Door Brackets – Understand the Cause Before Searching for The Solution

Look carefully; the garage door weighs heavy. Approximately a single door weighs close to 130 pounds, and a double door would weigh close to 350 pounds. The heavy doors get joined on the door mechanism by the small parts known as the door brackets. All these brackets are tiny and can seem to be insignificant yet vital for the correct functioning of the garage door. The brackets typically keep the garage door in the right place while it’s closed or open. The garage door brackets will work similarly to any other bracket which is present. And the difference here is that it can connect the door with a sliding mechanism rather than the frame.

It is always wise for you to pay attention to the condition of all these brackets. When one bracket is in need of fixing, it can create issues with the functionality. It is highly possible for the broken bracket to make the door inoperable. And when there is tremendous neglect, the garage doors can fall atop the vehicle. There is no way that you can have about the 300-pound door that falls on the car. The daily upkeep and maintenance can help. You can check out Lewis River Doors offering installation & maintenance. That aside, understanding what caused the brackets to break is also helpful.

Reasons why garage door brackets break

Simply put, garage door replacement is a cheap repair service, but it is also crucial. You should pay attention to the primary part, which keeps the garage door intact. Some of the reasons that break the bracket are:

  • Inferior hinge quality

All the brackets are reasonably priced. Therefore, there is no need for you to purchase cheap brackets. You have to purchase the ideal quality bracket that can endure ample weight. Each bracket, on average, costs close to $28, which is a reasonable price.

  • Absence of daily maintenance

It is essential to oil the garage door brackets. All the brackets get made using galvanized iron or stainless steel. Hence, they don’t rust at all. You need to add grease or oil between them so that it functions smoothly. When it isn’t oiled or cleaned correctly, it will attract debris and will lead to issues with the door.

  • Unbalanced doors and mismatched brackets

When you decide to replace one bracket, you will have to make sure that it is similar and that there isn’t anything different from anything else. When you have several kinds of brackets, it might unbalance the garage door. If the door is mismatched, it will disseminate the load unevenly. It is one of the primary reasons that most people find their door brackets ripped off.

Finally, As per  Chiang Rai Times, accidents are one common reason for brackets breaking as well. Try and realize the time when there might have been an accident caused because of parking. A minimal impact can totally damage the bracket. It might appear fine and function correctly, but suddenly it can break. Hence, it is essential to have daily maintenance scheduled for the garage doors. When you join hands with a professional garage door repair service provider, they can detect the signs and provide you with a better solution.