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RightChainTM: Guiding the Supply Chains of World’s Largest and Most Successful Organizations

Performance of any system inversely depends on the complexity of that system; lesser the complexity, more effective the system. This is applicable to every system around the globe and supply chains are no exception, where non- value-added SKUs, customers, channels, geographies, suppliers, nodes and lanes clog the logistic arteries of many businesses. This landscape is getting worse as most supply chain grows SKUs, channels, geographies and customers to increase sales and reach globally for low cost sources, eventually leading towards a widened gap in supply chain complexity. Closing this supply chain capability-complexity gap, RightChainTM Incorporated assists supply chain organizations via analytics, education, and methodology. Founded by Dr. Ed Frazelle—one of the world’s foremost authorities on supply chain strategy—RightChain guides the supply chains of some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations.
A Comprehensive Platform for Supply Chain Decision Support
The brainchild of Dr. Frazelle, RightChain is a comprehensive platform for supply chain decision support including (1) cloud-based supply chain analytics (aka RightChain™ Analytics) (2) on-line supply chain education (aka RightChain™ Institute) (3) supply chain consulting (aka RightChain™ Consulting) and (4) supply chain research (RightChain™ Research) in supply chain solution algorithms and benchmarks. It addresses strategic decisions in supply chain network design, supply chain service optimization, inventory optimization, sourcing, transportation, and warehousing. Till date, RightChain™ implementations are responsible for more than $5 billion in profit increases for clients. RightChain™ projects typically increase profitability by between 1% and 5% of sales; reduce inventory by 20% to 30%; and dramatically increases customer satisfaction. The firm operates in North America from Atlanta; in Asia from Tokyo; and in South America from Lima.
A World’s Foremost Authority on Supply Chain Strategy
Dr. Frazelle is President and CEO of RightChain™ and Executive Director of RightChainTM Institute. He was also the founding director of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, the world’s largest center for supply chain education and research. As an educator, Dr. Frazelle has trained more than 50,000 supply chain professionals the principles of world-class supply chain logistics; as a consultant he has assisted more than 100 companies and government agencies in the implementation of RightChainTM principles; as an author he has authored, co-authored, and/or contributed to more than seven books on supply chain logistics; and as a professor he has lectured at Cornell, Northwestern, the University of Wisconsin, Waseda University, the National University of Singapore, and the Kyushu Institute of Technology. His books, Supply Chain Strategy, World-Class Warehousing, and Inventory Strategy are the world’s bestselling books in their fields and are published in seven languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
Dr. Frazelle’s achievements have been recognized by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, the Warehousing Education and Research Council, Material Handling Institute, the Institute of Industrial Engineer’s Armstrong Award, Kodak’s Educational Grant, and the General Motor’s Scholar Award. He was recently inducted into the North Carolina State University Industrial and Systems Engineering Hall of Fame and was recently named Georgia Tech’s Outstanding Professional Educator. He is the former President of the International Material Management Society and a member of the Board of Directors for the Warehousing Education and Research Council. Dr. Frazelle holds his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech and both his Masters’ and Bachelors’ degree from North Carolina State University.
Maximizing the Financial Performance of the Supply Chain and its Components
Being one of the few firms which have modeled the financial, service, and operational interdependencies across supply chain service, sourcing, inventory, transportation, and warehousing, RightChain™ maximizes the financial performance of the supply chain and its components, while meeting the service and operational requirements of the chain. In recent projects with Colgate, Honda, and Pratt & Whitney, RightChain™ has employed its optimization and education modules to efficiently reform their highly complex supply chains.
Recently, the company launched RightChain™ Live — an on-demand portal providing subscription access to RightChain™ optimizations, courses, and publications. A subscription service for supply chain professionals RightChain™ Knowledgebase provides them with access to best practices, principles, metrics, fundamentals, algorithms, research, publications, and professional education. Apart from these, the company’s is the home to RightChain™ reports and resources.
Dedicated to Helping its Clients make Better Supply Chain Decisions
When asked what kind of culture RightChainTM has, Dr Frazelle mentions that “there are lots of quotable business and success gurus. My favorite is Solomon. Solomon was the wisest and wealthiest man who ever lived. His two books are some of my very favorite and I quote him often in my new book on Supply Chain Strategy. The culture he and we embrace is characterized by integrity, insight, and inspiration.”
He also adds that RightChainTM persevered because they believed in a business model that empowered their clients through education and analytics. RightChainTM has dedicated itself to helping its clients make better supply chain decisions. Talking about the future, Dr. Frazelle asserts, “RightChainTM will continue to advance its algorithms, curriculum, and methodology to keep pace with the forces of business, demographics, and technology on supply chain decision making.”

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