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Revolutionizing Business Communication with Advanced Digital Signage

At this stage in modern business practice, it is fair to say that advanced digital signage has emerged as one of the leading forms of cutting edge technology that can revolutionize business communication on a wide and impactful scale. From innovative content strategy to data driven insight and more, digital signage like that provided by can be the key to unlocking the potential of an engaging communication platform.

The facts are that advanced digital signage can completely transform the way in which a business is able to convey information to its employees, stakeholders and customers alike, guaranteeing that the right messages are not just received, but completely understood and then acted upon if needed. Let’s take a look at some of the key ways in which such digital signage can revolutionize the communication within your business.

  • Real Time Information Sharing

For many businesses, one of the primary advantages of using advanced digital signage is the ability that it provides to share information in a real time capacity. This can be especially beneficial for any businesses that rely on communicating rapidly changing formation, stock levels for example, or schedule changes. The ability to easily transmit real time updated information guarantees that all those involved are promptly up to speed, and this reduces the risk of misunderstandings that could potentially lead to business mistakes.

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement

One of the top digital signage trends of late revolves around the fact that it can significantly improve internal communication and engagement between employees. Through displaying things like company news, general updates and even employee achievements through the workplace, you can keep everyone informed in one sweep, and you can also foster a positive sense of community and participation. In addition to this, digital signage can be used to do things like display instructional videos and tutorials, making any training protocol much more simple.

  • Customer Facing Communication

Within any hospitality or retail space, digital signage can do wonders for enhancing customer experience through providing engaging and relevant content in the right places at the right times. For example, a retail store can use such displays to showcase new arrivals, latest promotions and even personalized recommendations based on customer data and demographics. Alternatively, in establishments like hotels and restaurants, digital signage can be employed in order to showcase things like event schedules, menus, or even wayfinding information in larger spaces.

  • Touchscreen and Interactive Displays

It might seem obvious, but it bears repeating that features like touchscreen displays are vital for encouraging users to engage with content directly. This is particularly effective in business environments where customers might need to access information in a very quick manner. A great example of this would be something like a corporate office, where touchscreen kiosks can provide visitors with directions to relevant departments, contact details and general company information. In a retail environment, this would morph into other features like virtual try on stations and self service checkout opportunities.

  • Visual Storytelling and Branding

Digital signage presents itself as the ideal vehicle for any business to tell their brand story in a visual way. High definition displays and even whole video walls can dramatically showcase branded content and corporate videos, showcasing visual stories that can really resonate with a target audience when executed successfully. When placed in key areas like lobbies, conference rooms and other public areas of a working space, it can create a really positive and long lasting good impression. Visual storytelling is a really clever, organic way to consistently reinforce a brand’s messaging and values without having to directly contact and ‘convince’ audiences.

  • Data-Driven Content

With the use of powerful data analytics, businesses can tailor their digital signage content to be as highly relevant to their target audiences as possible. Taking into account customer preferences and behaviors, a business can use its digital signage to display content that is going to be most likely to resonate in the desired ways. In a retail setting this will likely be based on things like purchase history and loyalty program activity, whilst in a corporate environment things like employee feedback and surveys can help to guide to the type of content that you display on your internal digital signage. Simple data driven decisions can really help to enhance the overall experience of both customer and workforce.

  • Social Media Integration

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle when it comes to the power and influence of social media in pretty much every facet of professional and personal life. The integration of carefully curated social media feeds can certainly help to enhance engagement and create a familiar but dynamic communication platform. The relatively simple acts of displaying live social media updates, user generated content and customer reviews can create a real sense of community and inclusivity. This can be in the form of retail stores showcasing tagged Instagram posts featuring their products ‘out in the wild’, or corporate offices sharing relevant tweets and posts from industry leaders. This approach is a safe way to keep content fresh, and kills two birds with one stone with social media interaction and brand advocacy.

  • Crisis Communication and Safety

Alongside the promotional advantages, there are also some very real and serious benefits that digital signage can bring to business communication. This is in the role that it can play in terms of crisis communication and ensuring that the safety of both customers and employees is prioritized when needed. In the event of emergencies, digital displays can be extremely effective in providing real time alerts and instructions, helping to guide individuals and groups to areas and safety and minimizing potential confusion along the way. This can be particularly beneficial in spaces like shopping malls, airports, and large corporate campuses. In addition to the emergency function, digital signage can also be used to regularly display safety reminders and protocols to ensure that the workforce is prepared and calm should any kind of emergency ever occur within their environment.