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Revolution in Healthcare Industry with Involvement of Trending Technology

Technology is revolutionizing the perspective of the world. Over the years, it has helped various industries to grow and develop better ways of doing business. The healthcare industry is no exception. The statistics show rapid growth in the acceptance of efficient and innovative systems provided by the healthcare providers.

People are now following the much popular phrase, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Regular exercise, health check-ups, and periodically consulting the doctors, have been included in the life style of an individual. They are also using the search engines to find the best doctors for a particular disease.
By observing this consciousness of people, the healthcare industry is transforming and accelerating towards “value based care” outcomes. In many ways the healthcare industry is adopting various technologies to serve the people in a better way.
Maintaining Records Online
Several government bodies are making ePrescription and eHealth records mandatory which would be helpful for the fulfillment of the medical accessories and medicines as the record would get feed automatically into ePharmacies. Recently, the USA has taken a step forward towards banning the paper prescription to make the event of maintaining the eRecord successful. Moreover, China is seeing street side kiosks (one-minute clinics) which customers can approach for immediate consultation.
Home Delivery Facility
Many ePharmacies  are now providing PillPack facility across the globe in which they are dispensing medicines which are pre-packed as per the day’s & time’s dosage. Customers can also order the medicines and other healthcare accessories online by attaching their prescription along with their order. With the help of Automation at the retail level, pharmacy fee is lowering down and the benefits to customers enhancing.
Resultive Outcomes from Big Data
Data management has created a comfort zone for the healthcare industry. Involvement of Big Data technology will strive to investigate treatment viability, self-care programs specific to chronic conditions, and drug utilization. In the near future, it is expected that approximately 50% of the healthcare providers would share and analyze the feed data for the individual’s condition.
Blockchain as Secure network for Data Sharing
Blockchain would now solve the data exchange security problems in the healthcare sector and it will provide an improved patient experience in just no time. Blockchain is going to make an impact by streamlining and providing transparency in the process, providing a guard against counterfeit drugs, eliminating intermediaries wherever possible, and reducing unnecessary healthcare costs.
Innovative Insurance Models
Healthcare providers are focusing on providing personalized healthcare data and IoT driven policies to reduce potential claims and ensure growth prospects. Such innovative policies will bring-up the insurance companies with personalized premium plans by leveraging individual data. Preventive healthcare would be observed due to innovative insurance models in the upcoming years. These models would be based on information from healthcare systems and data from sensors, wearables and trackers.
Cyber-security for Medical Devices
There have been a few cases where patients were attempted to be assassinated through cyber-security vulnerability in a medical device. However, several companies have step forward to eradicate this problem by providing security features like intrusion detection, signature verification, and encryption.
Healthcare Apps for ios and Androids
There are several applications available that enable the customers to maintain their health. The list includes Calm (Meditation app), Healthline (Yoga app), Glucose Buddy (Diabetes management app), and so on. By using such applications, users can maintain their health as well as their surroundings by sharing their data and experience. Few applications are designed in such a way that they can help an individual to take care of their family and friends by communicating each other and sharing their health data such as CaringBridge app and many more.
Along with these, various other technologies are also available which are beneficial for the doctors as well as patients as they make the treatment process secured, easier, and faster. As per the requirement, these technologies get modified for better results. The updated technology makes it possible to cure the diseases which were impossible to treat earlier. However Researchers are still working to eradicate such diseases. In the near future, fast and successful treatment of each and every disease would be possible with which the life period of individuals may be increased.

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