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Restb.Ai: Reforming the Real Estate Business

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century. is a company that leverages Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in order to create a precise, intelligent product that learns to recognize real estate specific features and insights from real estate images. The solution pushes the boundaries of machine learning, having been designed from the ground up to accurately recognize complex concepts within a real estate context. is the only Computer Vision organization in the scene that offers an extensive range of solutions for the real estate industry. The organization aims to offer real estate players a seamless experience and home buyers an easier quest to find their dream home.
Providing Cutting Edge Solutions provides highly specialized computer vision models at scale. The organization’s ground breaking technology allows portals to detect entire duplicate listings and extract relevant information in images: room types (bathroom, kitchen), home features (fireplace, hardwood floor), house styles, and house condition.
This information helps real estate players by improving their:

  • User experience: Users search for houses in more intuitive ways, enabling them to search by room types or compare rooms across listings.
  • Data models: Much of a property’s listing information is hidden within the photos, creating difficulties for automated valuation tools. can extract information such as whether a home has been renovated, kept in an immaculate condition or would represent a great home to be flipped.
  • Content moderation: Many portals still struggle keeping their websites free of spam and low quality content. It’s why offers industry-leading watermark and duplicate detection solutions.

A Scientist Turned Leader
Angel Esteban Soto is the CEO and Co-founder of As a passionate and dedicated computer scientist, he has always wanted to put his skills to use and make a change for the better. He focused his career on the R&D of automated systems and how they can solve real world problems. This eventually led to the birth of
Angel developed the core A.I. technology behind the company. His leadership skills and clear vision inspired him to see the potential which computer vision has on the real estate industry, and focus on creating a valuable product to solve an endless stream of problems. Thanks to Angel, has quickly earned achievements, like the Horizon 2020 grant offered by the European Commission.
Solving Real-World Problems
Initially, was launched with the idea that it can solve all the world’s problems. Its tech has always been strong, yet the lack of focus made it difficult to understand and solve the problems of such a diverse range of customers. soon realized it’s not enough to be good at everything – one needs to be the best in one specific field. It’s what makes’s value proposition better than Google’s or Amazon’s.
It’s important to add that no matter how impressive a product or founders are, a company won’t achieve anything without a passionate team. It’s crucial to create one such team with talented, hardworking people.
One of the big challenges has been pushing the boundaries of a new market. Many of’s potential customers think that computer vision is cool, but they don’t understand where it fits into their company. Additionally, they are unsure how to create budgets for it, as it is not replacing any existing solutions. So the organization has spent a large amount of time and effort educating the market and helping them visualize how these solutions would look in their websites and what their ROI will be.
Helping the Real Estate Industry to keep up with Changes
When it comes to the future, expects every real estate company to be using computer vision to help their respective businesses within the next five years. The organization also believes that photos are the most powerful asset for the real estate industry. A time will come when companies will not be able to survive in the ever competitive market without unlocking the information their images contain. Additionally, people are slowly evolving into more and more technologically apt beings. The best part is, this shift is happening naturally, and the real estate industry needs to keep up with the changes. is working round the clock in order to help the industry to transit into the future. Currently the organization is in constant touch with leading innovators of the field in order to build its creative solutions.
A Satisfied Clientele
“’s technology is fast, accurate, and specialized for real estate with types and features – a key factor for us. Their AI technology allows TLCengine to disrupt the way people search for homes while making our website ADA compliant and providing a huge SEO boost. A win-win- win.” – Krishna Malyala, CEO of TLCengine.
“’s ability to detect logos and watermarks helps us more quickly spot quality control issues of our visual content, a critical part of our business.” – Darius Bradbury, Founder at OpenRent.
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