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Re:Q Technology Consulting: The Okuninushi of Oracle DB

Along with the rapid transition to cloud infrastructure, there are demands for products that have the capacity to bind SQL and NoSQL. Database structures that provide the Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) have rapidly gained demand in the past few years. There has also been a rising demand for an automated management system that streamlines maintenance, patching, provisioning, updates and upgrades.

Currently, many of the organisations aspire to choose various types of cloud based service depending upon system requirements and while considering cost, availability and alignment among cloud systems. For the mission critical areas, the Oracle’s cloud services will gain more importance with Exadata Cloud services.

With the main focus to provide solutions and not just selling products to the customers, Req Technology Consulting Co. Ltd. has become the vendor’s pride and the competitor’s envy by designing and constructing Oracle database that specifically includes migration, disaster recovery and performance improvement.

Designing, Implementing, Operating. You Name it. They Do It.

Although the original system was built by someone else, Re:Q proudly claims that they have perfected the system as per the client’s needs.

With the Assessment service, Re:Q initially enquires with their clients about their database system design and the current issues. As per the conclusion drawn, Re:Q determines the design of the system, including hardware and middleware. Re:Q can minimize the data migration period, evaluate impacts to applications, alleviate customer’s concerns and achieve cost optimized investment with reliable and speedy system migration.

Re:Q carries out periodic diagnosis as a part of system trouble recovery service or the DB operation support service. Re:Q’s technical assistance service can identify root causes for problems in the system which cannot be resolved by the product vendor. It also includes periodic diagnosis and tuning service of database performance. Re:Q also provides the DB security service. As part of the primary security protocols, Re:Q checks the DB system configuration and operation and proposes DB security enhancement measures. After the DB security diagnosis comes the implementation part. Re:Q incorporates the most legitimate and adequate DB security design and configuration changes for access controls, anti-diversion measures and access audit as well as for performance tuning.

Re:Q is well-known for its customized operation management services at the operation phase after the development phase which is separate from the vendor provided product support services.
Through these services, Re:Q makes sure that they are constantly engaged with the customers for all their needs and always interprets their most recent concerns regarding the database. Re:Q doesn’t just stop at delivering a product. If need be, they actively participate in their client’s projects for various phases of designing, structuring and migrating.

The Hercules of the Database world

Hercules is famous for defeating the Hydra of Lerna, the serpentine monster that grew multiple heads every time it was chopped off. Recently, Re:Q had faced a very pressing issue that turned out to be a task of the Herculean level. Without withholding the name, Re:Q assisted a company, say A, in carrying out database migration. The catch here, however, was that the company A had to provide services even under database migration associated with EOSL and that too with complete stability in performance. To make the task even trickier, this company A operated for 24 hours through the internet and was in the midst of a tough competition. So, under no circumstances was stopping the operations an option.
With the hardware and the application vendor citing no other option than to shut down the system for a few days, the company A approached Re:Q for some respite. The engineers of Re:Q utilized the best database assessment service and the migration service with their own customized tools and upgraded software and counseled the CIO of company A to adopt the Golden Gate method for the migration purpose. Under the contract, Re:Q completed the main database migration process in just two hours.

Here comes the best part, the Hercules made sure that the monster did not raise its ugly head again by performing platform downsizing and rebuilt more optimized parameter adjustment. As per their CIO’s review, Re:Q had not just conducted a successful migration, but had also solved many of their long time outstanding issues in company A’s internal and external customers. Not to forget, there was a considerable improvement in company A’s system performance.

The Menace that lasted A Year, but solved in 4 Days

Staying true to the characteristics of the great Onamuji, Re:Q doesn’t look at its competitors from the eyes of a competitor, but considers them as a source of inspiration and valuable experience. Re:Q has always been hands on while helping their peers in their times of needs. This way Re:Q has not just earned respect from its customers, but from their rivals as well.
Re:Q has no competition and there will never be. Re:Q treats every one like a brother, even if the request comes from a competitor. They have never showed any qualms in providing their technology to their rivals to help their clients.

A scenario worth mentioning here is about the time when a large manufacturing company that specializes in precision component had managed a large amount of testing data from the manufacturing process. However, this company could not complete the batch processing within the specified time frame even after replacing the infrastructure and implementing a version upgrade from Oracle DB 11g to 12c. It required more than 10 times of processing time after the version upgrade. The IT vendor that handled the project was at its wits end for over a year even after contacting Oracle’s product support. It was only when the manufacturing company was being compelled to cancel the project that the IT vendor approached Re:Q for some solace. The 3 DB engineers from Re:Q conducted interviews, obtained performance statistics and started analysis work. After some tough grind, the team identified that the problem was in the data file writing process and synchronization process and hence, reconfigured Linux environment and fine-tuned the database parameters.

This feat is still giving goose bumps to the employees of Re:Q because not only did they complete the batch processing, but the solution was also applied to the hardware and software which were replaced a year ago. The performance was doubled and the negative impacts of the business were removed. The best part is that, it was completed in just 4 days and it led to the start of a new discussion for adding some more features into the system.

The Byakko with Susanoo’s weapons

Anyone who reads about such glorious feats will surely contemplate that the Lord who runs Req Technology Consulting must surely wield some kind of a divine weapon, supervising a superficial band of warriors.
The plain principle laid out at Re:Q is to deliver the expected products and platform, build systems on them, and introduce cloud service with strong security measures and data migration services to adopt newer services to customers. Re:Q is not just about pulling up strong sales and marketing efforts, but it is mainly about delivering the expected system utilization and data efficiency to the customers.

Shigeru Kamiya, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Req Technology Consulting Co. Ltd., has dedicated over 25 years of his life in the IT industry, working for a US based hardware vendor. His progression was rapid, but subtle. Starting as a sales representative, he sold market core systems for large scale customers. He gradually assumed general manager position, director for solution and professional service products, and stepped up to senior director for the US parent company.

Unlike other IT companies around the world that are very much focused on product development and sale, gaining market shares, making big effort to be the market leader, Kamiya believes in delivering values to the customers. He has very much achieved the numerical goals including gaining market shares, growing the business, and improving ROE for the expectation of shareholders, because their customers have faith in the quality of service that Re:Q delivers. And Kamiya has never ever compromised on that aspect. Kamiya firmly believes that nothing is more motivating than listening to the satisfied words of their clients.

Secret of Stability- Prospering Clients and Developing Employees

At Re:Q, the main focus has always been to provide solutions to solve customer’s issues and not just selling products to them. Kamiya strongly believes that his employees’ growth will lead to Re:Q’s growth and hence considers human resource as the most critical part of his organisation. Currently, they are so well equipped that they proactively take up projects that others hesitate to take. This way, the employees of Re:Q have a really good learning experience, and at the same time, it glorifies Re:Q’s stature in the IT industry.

According to Kamiya, the application environment using Oracle will face more cost reduction pressure, swift provisioning and deployment and selection of cloud service in response to availability requirement. Currently the experts at Re:Q are focusing on designing Multitenant Architecture, which is one of Oracle DB’s most recent functions. Along with this, they are also establishing a technology (data synchronization, data link) to connect various cloud system such as AWS through POC.
Kamiya’s army marches ahead on its successful voyage and will always continue to build a database system infrastructure that leverages knowledge of rich server/ storage middleware, mainly Oracle DB and SQL Server.

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