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Renée Safrata: Tenacious and Exemplary Entrepreneurial Voyage

Sometimes the traits are inherited. Being born with extraordinary abilities in an extraordinary family is surely a blessing. However, evidently not every child is capable of enduring the glory. Refining those leverages is equally essential to step into the great shoes of legacy. If such intellectuals have a vision coupled with tenacity to evolve with time, no one can stop them from achieving what they desire. Born in the house of a successful entrepreneur and blessed with entrepreneurial traits from her childhood the CEO of renowned Vivo Team DevelopmentRenée Safrata is that example for you.
The Inception of Vivo Team Development 
Inspired by one of her mentor Phillip Moody’s statement ‘if I can do it, you can do it’, Renée launched her first ever venture in her twenties, Safrata Group Inc. a boutique interior design firm. After ensuring its success she transitioned and established her own children’s clothing line – Wigglers after eleven years. A short stint with Wigglers set her up to co-own ViRTUS. Having such diversely successful and enriching experiences solidified her idea of never needing to work for someone else. After a bucket load of research on the future of agile and distributed teams, the influx of new generations in the workplace and the need for technology drive better solutions to train teams and leaders, Renée started Vivo Team Development in 2012 with a passion to solve the workplace disengagement crisis.
Building Teams, Developing Leaders 
Vivo Team Development’s SaaS platform uses people analytics to describe and prescribe the most effective solutions for Team and Leader development. They target =companies that are interested in investing in their people so they more effectively achieve their business results. It helps companies that are tired of investing in talent but not seeing measurable improvement. Vivo Team Development also contributes to companies that are focused on working in agile and distributed teams and are looking to increase their productivity.
Vivo Team Development has developed the first proven HR Predictive Analytics platform that can measure how leaders and employees behaviors contribute to the bottom line. 
Entrepreneurial Traits 
Renée exemplifies all vital entrepreneurial traits. To be a successful entrepreneur the top attribute is a tenacious entrepreneurial spirit. You must have it, and you must look for it in the team that you build around you. Being an entrepreneur requires a strong stomach and an iron will. You are constantly evolving and being challenged and growing. It’s thrilling and rewarding; it is generally not for the faint-hearted people. Seduction of safety is much more dangerous than the perception of the risk. You also have to have a positive outlook and you should be a problem solver. No one succeeds as an entrepreneur unless they are able to see a problem as an opportunity and have the willingness to go over the edge of the fear.
Unique and Innovative Approach 
Renée always looks for ways that how Vivo Team Development can serve its clients in a unique and innovative way. While she definitely has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Vivo Team’s market and competitive landscape, she focuses her energy more on developing the best product to provide value to organization’s clients rather than on what a perceived competitor might be doing.
Best Time to be Shepreneur Renée says that various tests and challenges on the way keep her alive, on-her-toes, sharper than others perhaps. She chooses to remain curious in such situations. She handles challenges by tapping into her patience, repeating back the questions she is being asked before jumping to the solution and she tries to stay focused on her goal. She says, “right now is a fantastic time to be a woman business leader – like never before!” 
Looking Forward 
Near future, Renée aims to close on its first round of seed capital after years of being the solo investor in growing company Vivo Team Development. She says that 2019 is going to be a big year of scaling and growth and a lot of new learning for her and her team.
Her Future goal is to grow a thriving global tech company that provides all employees with the vehicle to live their dream. She has spent the past six years working most waking minutes. She looks forward to lifting off and to be able to enjoy the fruits of a lot of hard work.
Enhancing Right People 
Renée advises to aspiring Shepreneurs, “Find the Robin to your Batwoman.” She says that she cannot stress enough the importance of building the right team around oneself. She suggests hiring only those people who are aligned with one’s vision and one’s work ethic. She adds, “Develop your people, invest in their happiness and there’s nothing that can hold you back. Our business is built on enhancing our key asset – our people – and in my experience as an entrepreneur, the right people are a game changer.”
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