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relayr: Helping Manufacturers Embrace Digital Transformation

Established in 2013, relayr quickly made a name for itself as an Industrial IoT powerhouse through organic growth and acquisitions. The first of these was device management company, Proximetry, in December 2016 and this was followed by AI/analytics company, Neokami, in January 2017.
relayr’s end-to-end IIoT products and services, coupled with its partnership with Munich Re/HSB, allow the organization to offer insurance-backed solutions that mitigate the risks associated with industrial innovation through business outcome guarantees.
Today, relayr is rapidly-growing as an IIoT company that provides enterprise middleware and IoT solutions for digital transformation. As a thought leader in enterprise IoT, relayr enables interoperability through industrialgrade platforms. Its software facilitates comprehensive data analytics and management, empowering businesses to create new solutions and revenue streams with data collected from any device, through any connectivity, throughout any IT ecosystem.
relayr’s Professional Services are delivered by a team of IIoT experts who help businesses benefit from the IoT in record time. This is true for midsize business and Fortune 500 companies, those who are part of Industry 4.0, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing; relayr will connect them to the IoT and guarantees to improve their business outcomes.
The relayr platform and its components are completely connectivity method (3G, Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.15.4 etc.)- and device make/model-agnostic. Its system can manage devices using generic protocols or vendor-specific proprietary management protocols. The platform’s modular architecture simplifies the addition of support for new protocols and new types of devices as and when required by the market or its partners.
With the inbuilt ability to work on premises, via the cloud or a hybrid of both, the relayr platform gives its clients the flexibility to integrate new and old Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) features and business models within their existing IT ecosystems.
Providing Groundbreaking Services 
Because every industrial environment is unique, cookie cutter, off-the-shelf products do not work. relayr offers a modular approach, delivering custom solutions based on the building blocks of:

  • Protocol-agnostic IoT middleware platform
  • Device management
  • Data analytics and machine learning
  • Data visualization
  • Professional Services
  • Insurance-backed outcome guarantees
  • Financing

These products and services serve its customers by:

  • Eliminating the in-house Digital/IoT technical skills gap
  • Enabling new revenue models
  • Facilitating the shift from CapEx to OpEx business models
  • Reducing financial risks associated with innovation

An Immensely Experienced Leader 
Joseph Brunner, is relayr’s CEO and also an angel investor. He has led the company through several seismic shifts both in the market and within the company itself.
Joseph has overseen the organization’s fundamental shift in go-to-market strategy to focus on delivering targeted solutions for the mid-sized manufacturing industry, major acquisitions and integration of companies, as well as funding rounds with investment partners that enable it to offer insurance-backed solutions and financing.
He has also been instrumental in launching multiple IT and Cyber Security companies, like JouleX and Bastille Networks. Recently, Joseph completed a tenure at Cisco Systems which began after the 2013 Cisco acquisition of JouleX, where he was the Co-founder and Chief Architect.
Additionally, he has served as the Head of Security at Azlan, and the Director of Security Sales, CEE, Middle East and APAC at Enterasys.
A Unique Organization 
relayr’s partnership with Munich Re/HSB makes it the only IIoT company in the market with the ability to not only predict the business outcomes of its customers, but also financially guarantee them. The company’s dedication to “Smarter Connectivity. Better Business Outcomes. Guaranteed.” is more than just marketing hype – it is what the organization strives to deliver to every customer.
relayr started as a pure technology provider, focused on delivering the end-to-end technology stack for the IIoT. As it gained a deeper understanding of the market, the company learned that technology is only one component of an IIoT solution, and that its customers needed more than a technology provider, but a full range of services and financial products to actually make their digital transformation initiatives successful.
Recognizing Customer Needs and Painting the Picture of the Future 
relayr recognizes that its customers need more than an IIoT platform provider. They need a partner in their journey who can understand that technology is only one piece of the picture; there is a need for a service provider which can deliver complete solutions through industry expertise, insurance, financing, and outcome guarantees.
To achieve those goals, relayr enables its customers to leverage the IIoT to move from CapEx to OpEx business models. This enables them to capitalize on the 80% of revenue generated by industrial machinery after the initial sale, identify new revenue streams, enhance their service offerings, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
As the first IoT solution provider to expand far beyond the IIoT platform and offer end-to-end solutions that include professional services, business outcome guarantees and financing, relayr expects to remain at the forefront of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation.
Through its close working relationships with customers and investment partners, relayr will continue to evolve as the IoT market does.
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