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relayr: Accelerating Digital Transformation

The Internet of Things is the newest trend that whole IT industry is talking about because IoT represents this century’s next big frontier in technology. IoT and Digitization, the next industrial revolution, has already begun to have a significant impact on the way businesses run today. Enterprises have started adopting IoT technology to rethink their products and services and redefine their relationships with customers, employees, and partners. relayr is assisting these companies to addresses the central challenges of the Internet of Things, digitizing physical things, with an end-to-end development solution consisting of an IoT cloud platform.
relayr is a rapidly growing IoT company that provides enterprise middleware for the digital transformation of industries through their protocol agnostic cloud middleware platform, open source development tools to promote rapid prototyping, and experienced team of IoT solutions experts. relayr is providing everything needed to develop and implement enterprise grade IoT solutions, regardless of industry or existing infrastructure.
Josef Brunner, CEO of relayr, has played a monumental and crucial role in the transformation of the company to become a leader in IoT middleware platform provider. Before relayr, Josef was instrumental in launching multiple IT and Cyber Security companies like JouleX (2009) and Bastille Networks (2004). He recently completed tenure with Cisco Systems, which began after the 2013 Cisco acquisition of JouleX, where he was the Co-founder and Chief Architect. In addition, he has also served as the Head of Security at Azlan, and the Director of Security Sales, CEE, Middle East and APAC at Enterasys.
Services & Products
The company has a rich suite of products and services which enables companies and organizations of all sizes to develop their IoT solutions, from prototype to roll-out, within one business quarter.
relayr accelerates digital transformation of business through their prodigious and unconventional 5-4-3 Business Service model which starts with a five day IoT Kickstart workshop to identify the top IoT solution needs and develop a roadmap for implementation; followed by the four weeks Accelerate phase in which participating organizations build and test a working prototype; then a roll-out phase during which the IoT solution is then refined, bulletproofed, and rigorously tested for large scale release to the market. This approach allows customers to evaluate the impact at the end of each step and decide if they want to move forward with the solution.
relayr Cloud platform is a real middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things which allows developers to build connectors between any service, any sensor, any software, any hardware – Any to Any, providing a horizontal layer across multiple domains, cloud, and customers. Their platform is secure, scalable and has minimal request-response latency and it has integrated startup analytics program which is simple to use. The relayr Cloud is a protocol agnostic cloud platform, delivering fresh new approach to enabling enterprises in every market.
relayr’s Strength
The team becomes the most valuable asset of any organization if it is highly skilled, with wealth of experience. relayr is one interconnected group, with each member delivering passion for the technology, enthusiasm for growth & collaboration, and a drive to provide the best solutions possible to customers and partners. The company is driven by one primary goal, and that is to be the Global Connector, enabling the digital transformation of industries around the world.
Josef added, “To close the skill gap faced by so many enterprises, relayr’s professional services team is there to provide expert-led guidance through the innovation process: from initial ideation, through prototyping, small-scale development and testing, large-scale rollout, and full systems integration.”
Hardening IoT Security
The company believes that the Internet of Things presents a significant mix of opportunity and risk and working proactively to address security concerns in their products. Their IoT platform is secured inside a Virtual Private Cloud which cannot be accessed from the outside. relayr services enables devices to communicate over Encrypted Data Channels using secure protocols like HTTPS and MQTT over TLS. Access credentials to cloud resources are managed on an individual basis in network access control lists to enforce Strict Access Control and their platform development team releases Regular Patches and Updates, deploying platform software updates to patch zero-day vulnerabilities and other major security threats.
While answering the question on how relayr is overcoming challenges of new technologies, Josef said, “Because relayr is in the business specifically to enable enterprises to embrace and implement the newest technologies in their environments, this is not a challenge to our business. It’s the reason for our business.”