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Lee Summers, CEO, Reflect Systems Inc.

Reflect Systems Inc: Creating Meaningful Connections Between Brands and People

Modernization has brought transformative changes in the marketing and advertising space. With the help of digital signage, companies can achieve much more in significantly less time. Reflect Systems Inc is a digital signage company that helps users create and manage digital experiences that keep people engaged and returning for more.
Demonstrating how Reflect can relieve the retail pain points is Lee Summers, the CEO. His understanding of the industry has helped the company achieve new and bold feats as Reflect has transformed and innovated digital signage under his leadership.
In our endeavor to find “The 10 Most Innovative Companies Revolutionizing Digital Signage,” we at Insights Success came across Reflect Systems Inc. We talked with Lee to understand how Reflect has delivered proven increases in promoted product sales and enhanced customer experiences.
Below are the highlights of the interview.
Give us a brief overview of your company, its mission, and the key aspects of its strong foothold in the Digital Signage industry.
Our purpose at Reflect, the reason we exist, is to enhance the everyday moments for our customers and their customers, guests and employees. We do this by bringing together the very best people, design and technology to deliver superior digital signage. For more than 20 years, Reflect has helped some of the most successful brands in North America leverage digital signage to achieve meaningful business objectives in industries such as retail, entertainment, healthcare, banking and digital out-of-home advertising, as well as in a variety of corporate communications environments.
Describe your top-notch offerings that address the need of your customers.
While Reflect provides a comprehensive suite of digital signage software, hardware, deployment, development and creative services, the centerpiece of our offering is the ReflectView™ digital signage platform. ReflectView is the leading solution to offer true scalability for place-based digital media and interactive applications. It is the trusted platform used by leading companies to power over 400,000 active digital displays. ReflectView can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. ReflectView allows businesses to control the specific content, messaging, and interactivity used in each location at any given time, using business rules and flexible customization. ReflectView-powered digital media networks are controlled from a centralized, scalable system that requires minimal oversight and integrates seamlessly with existing operations. It efficiently distributes digital content to multiple digital endpoints, allowing companies to target a wide variety of business applications, locations and audiences more effectively with one standardized platform.
Another key component of our software suite is AdLogic™. Place-based digital media networks, owned and third-party, are commonly used to generate revenue through advertising sales and the presentation of paid brands or promotional messaging by partners or sponsors. Reflect’s patented AdLogic platform is an algorithmic engine disrupting the way that advertising operates on digital signage networks by replacing manual processes with automation for greater efficiency and flexibility. The power of the platform lies in automation and accuracy. AdLogic allows clients to set campaign objectives based on the frequency of plays and audience impression targets. Just import the media, define campaign objectives, and Reflect AdLogic handles the rest. Campaign status and progress toward goals are tracked in real-time. Reflect AdLogic shows how each campaign and ad unit is doing. It is a total game-changer for digital media deployment.
Our latest software offering is Reflect Xperience. Managing a digital signage network can be a complex and time-consuming activity, but the need to provide access to schedule content specific to a given location is becoming an increasingly important marketing objective. Unfortunately, many enterprise solutions are built for centralized command and control that make local scheduling difficult, while solutions that allow access for many users lack the controls and flexibility needed to meet the needs and scale of enterprise customers. That’s why we created Reflect Xperience – a reimagined way to access our ReflectView digital signage platform. ReflectView has become the standard for scalability, flexibility and performance in enterprise digital signage. With Xperience, users have the ability to access the most frequently used ReflectView content management and scheduling features from any web browser, anywhere. Role-specific access ensures users have the ability to manage only the content and digital screens assigned to them, allowing maximum flexibility while protecting corporate standards and security.
What makes your company a preferred choice among your clientele over other competitors?
Beyond our best-in-class software, clients choose Reflect for several reasons. Often times digital signage initiatives are treated like projects where getting it deployed is the measure of success. While deployment can certainly be challenging and Reflect manages that for many of our clients, from the outset, our approach is different. The Reflect team brings a combination of expertise and business focus that helps clients develop an objective-driven digital signage program, not just a deployment schedule. We are able to help with everything from strategy to content design to scheduling and program management based on the unique objectives of each client. We are also experts at developing custom applications as content, a service nearly all Reflect customers leverage that helps clients deliver more compelling, engaging digital experiences to their audiences.
From a business leadership perspective, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the Digital Signage sector and the related market?
In the near term, the pandemic has slowed the deployment of digital screens, both because of temporary and permanent business closures and more recently due to supply chain delays slowing committed projects. However, we do not view this as a permanent drag on the digital signage space. In fact, some of the dynamics of shopper behavior relative to in-store vs. online buying have been accelerated. This will likely result in increased demand for compelling digital signage experiences as shoppers look for the same digital features in-stores they’ve grown accustomed to when shopping online.
Describe the values that drive your organization.
At Reflect, we live by six core values:

  1. Be a Creative Problem Solver
  2. Be Accountable
  3. Be Helpful First
  4. Be Smart
  5. Be Respectful
  6. Always Do the Right Thing

These core values are integrated into everything we do – from our hiring processes to communications with customers and their constituents. As a result, these values represent not only characteristics we believe are important but attributes everyone at our company lives by continuously.
What are your future aspirations? Where do you see your company in the next five years?
It’s difficult to envision the future without taking stock of the past. Twenty years into this journey, we are most thankful for the relationships we’ve built with our clients, teammates and community. That’s probably why our greatest aspiration for the future is to do exactly this, but on a much larger scale. As digital signage continues to gain traction, we aspire to help lead the way and power more than one million digital experiences.
Customer Testimonials:
The Polaris Retail Experience is all about trying to drive an interaction with our vehicles and really help to tell the Polaris story.
Reflect tries to understand where you’re at today and then understand where you’re going tomorrow to build a solution that is going to be evergreen and making sure that they can grow with you as an organization.
Amy Goolsbee, Retail Design & Merchandising Manager, Polaris
Reflect has been instrumental in helping us to get to the next level, where we need to be, and they’ve been a responsive partner in listening to our needs, our wants, our requirements, and then developing a system that is going to see us into the next five to ten years.
Dan Owens, Chief Technology Officer, PatientPoint