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REDVision Computer Technologies: Nonpareil ERP Development & Maintenance Services

REDVision, first to introduce multiple assets in a single platform in India, offers B2B application services, to help organizations & IFA to exceed their technological expectations in India & Abroad. REDVision’s competencies lie in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development and Maintenance.
While, other companies are struggling in matching marketing demand as the whole industry experience was changed when REDVision introduced Comprehensive Financial planning & CRM with wealth management platform, now REDVision is working on more innovative products which can fulfill 100% IT requirement of a financial advisory business.
In this age of data tsunami and consolidation is the key, clients are looking for single account for all business requirements like Online Transactions, banking, Mutual Fund, Equity etc., REDVision is in the process to establish a platform on mobile for every financial service including online transactions of various assets.
Zahiruddin Babar & Abhishek Parihar, Multifaceted Personalities
Zahiruddin Babar and Abhishek Parihar, co-founders of REDVision, started the company in 2006. Zahiruddin, a technofinancial expert holds a Master Diploma in Internet Architecture Specialist from SSI Ltd. and Master Degree in Financial Administration from IMS Indore and have 13 years experience in the technology and financial domain. He is Co-founder, CEO, Chief Software Architect, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur and Visionary who build a business around Cloud long before anyone else.
Abhishek Parihar, a Financial domain expert holding a Master degree in Accounting & Commerce from DAVV with in depth understanding of Financial advisor’s technical expectations, is Co-founder, CFO, Software Consultant, Marketing strategist. Having 11 years of rich experience in Financial services industries, his last assignment was with NJ India Invest, he is leading a team of marketing & Business Development across India and is a consultant of technical expertise for new development to cater the growing demand and challenges rising in the market.
World Class One Stop Solutions for Financial Advisors
REDVision, combines its Technical & Financial Domain Expertise to create world class one stop solution for Financial Advisors like Mutual Funds software, Wealth Management software, Financial Planning Generator, Financial Websites, Financial Tickers.
Established in 2006 and headquartered in Indore, Central India, REDVision is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization. It has a team of 45 full time Software Professionals, including 28 Financial Domain Consultants having combined experience of 100+ Years. REDVision has 10,00,000 Online Portfolio Users. It has been used more than 1000+ CFPs and MF Advisors across 200+ cities in India.
REDVision offers products, like, FP Samurai, is a user-friendly, powerful, robust, customizable, comprehensive Financial Planning Software tools, it can create the most complex financial plan in few minutes. Financial Websites, they have an in-house design studio to design & develop an international quality financial website with 15+ financial tools & calculators flooded with financial data. Financial Tickers for Website & Blogs, is a bouquet of financial tools and calculators to create an attractive website with user engaging features so that user visit website again and again. It’s Mobile App for Wealth Management, Track current market position of your wealth is on figure tips now with Wealth App, it’s a perfect combination of most demanding features like Wealth Tracker, Goal Tracker, Transaction Report and Calculators.
REDVision’s expert development team is going to launch financial goal tracking with real-time market valuation, most user-friendly mobile app, and automatic portfolio rebalancing to save investor from market crash, online MF buy-sell platform. These innovations will change the parameters of services in the wealth management industry.