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4 Top Tips for Reducing Your Business Bills this Winter

One of the biggest overheads for businesses worldwide is energy bills, and with the colder months fast approaching, you might be scratching your head to work out how much money you’ll need to budget this year.

If you need a helping hand with reducing your business bills, here are four top tips for helping you make your pennies stretch that little bit further.

1.      Replace Your Lights

It’s easy to leave your office at the end of a long day and leave on a light or two overnight. If you want to reduce your electricity bill and give you peace of mind that all your lights are out, why not switch to sensor lighting?

This will mean you no longer have to worry about turning off all the lights before leaving or lying awake at night worrying. Retailers like offer a wide range of sensor lighting systems for you to choose from, with stylish designs for every office space.

2.      Replace Your Windows

Windows are one of the biggest ways that heat can escape from your office or business premises during the winter. Ensuring that you have high-functioning and good-quality double glazing can be a way to help you cut down your energy bills and burn less fossil fuels as a result!

Companies like Halifax Glass can manufacture high-quality double glazing to the custom dimensions of your premises so that you can have a warm and insulated office for many years to come.

3.      Switch Energy Providers

Are you finding that you’re spending too much money on your energy provider? It might be time to switch.

Being able to save money on your energy bills can allow you to save a little bit of extra money in the pot for any emergencies that crop up along the way.

If you want to compare energy companies to see who could save you the most money, you might want to use a price comparison site like USwitch to see a transparent breakdown of your energy costs compared to other energy providers.

This will allow you to get the very best deal and switch to a provider that’s right for you.

4.      Go Remote

One way to really cut back on your business bills is to take your business remote instead of having fixed premises.

This will allow you to cut back on any overheads you may currently have, as well as travel costs, council tax, and other day-to-day expenses your business may be costing you.

Additionally, studies have shown that employees are often happier working remotely from home than traveling to an office location every day. Happy employees are more likely to remain loyal to your business, which can cut costs of retraining and re-hiring.