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Pach Ang | Group CEO & Founder | RedFilo Events

RedFilo: The Professional Event Management Company

The best way to build relationships and form new ones with potential customers is “Events and Exhibitions”. It provides face-to-face customer contact. Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies are also a fantastic way to reward your employees, acknowledge the talent, celebrate with clients and engage your stakeholders. On this communication front, RedFilo works with the creative teams to craft and create the messaging for all marketing, live brand activations that will transform the visitors’ experience from that of the ordinary to extraordinaire.
An interview conducted between Insights Success and Pach Ang – Group CEO and Founder delivers powerful and unforgettable experiences by conducting events in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East, and other regions.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
What led to the inception of the company? 
Bringing his vision to reality, Pach Ang, an astute, resilient, and determined entrepreneur sought to deliver powerful and exceptional event experiences in the Middle East. In his quest, Pach quickly realized that there is a huge gap in how clients understood and interpreted the essence of what an experiential event means and have often witnessed the standards falling short. Keeping true to his aspiration, Pach and his team at RedFilo has indeed designed and delivered some of the largest exponential award-winning events here in the UAE over the last 12 years.
Answering the call to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 in making Abu Dhabi one of the world’s most attractive cities for leisure offering new resorts, malls, world-class museums, and galleries and other leisure facilities, RedFilo seeks to further bridge this gap by elevating and producing world-class events here in Abu Dhabi and the UAE at large.
Describe your company and its event management services which address all the needs of your customers. 
RedFilo, an events powerhouse, believes that over and above creative innovation, a strong team camaraderie, an unyielding mindset to setbacks, are fundamental building blocks to the road of success.
In RedFilo, we deem ourselves as an Event Architect, and why so? Each Architect is a cornerstone of creation, commitment, and sound ethics in delivering the best event experiences to all their clients! With that in mind, RedFilo delivers a wide array of events ranging from festivals, opening ceremonies, product launches, conferences and exhibitions, entertainment, sporting events, global expos, to name a few.
How do your services differ from the other companies’ offerings?
In Pach’s very own words “RedFilo is well known for designing impressions and revolutionizing experiences. We understand our clientele, expectations, and demands. In delivering immersive experiential events, we have come to recognize the essence of our clients’ brands and their touchpoints. Using innovation and originality, RedFilo has delivered notable event solutions that have generated amazing ROIs, much to the satisfaction of our clients.
And that’s how RedFilo makes a difference in today’s events and MICE competitive landscape!
Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry. 
Over his 30 plus years of Special Forces military background prior to his events entrepreneurship days, Pach firmly believes and has instilled discipline, respect, mentor-ship, and leadership by example, a unified community with an all-hands-on-deck mentality in each member of his organization ensuing its success and stability over the last decade.
In 2014, Pach Ang was featured in a leading Middle East magazine as UAE’s top 20 industry Shakers & Movers. Pach was also dubbed as an unparalleled Commander, Mentor, and Business Leader in an article by Cochin Herald in 2015. Pach has earned the client’s confidence in understanding their needs and a professional delivery through sound and accountable processes in operations besides being innovative and creative, always turning up with a solution at every juncture.
Awarded the prestigious Middle East ICON industry of the Year in 2017, reinforced and demonstrated the industry’s respect and confidence in Pach’s leadership and contribution to the local events scene.
What are the greatest challenges faced by the event management sector and how are they best dealt with? 
A discerning businessman, Pach recognizes the intense competitive landscape in the UAE events industry. Pach believes the solution lies in partnership and collaboration amongst fellow in-country agencies. And with the forthcoming World Expo 2020 Dubai, all the more, to avoid being cannibalized with the onslaught of new overseas companies incorporating in the UAE, working together is the way to go.
In every event business market, the challenge remains, and that is, many event agencies offer, seemingly, similar services, claiming to be able to deliver the ‘same’ event experience, often led to undermining market pricing potentials and compromising the delivery quality. Pach believes that “client education” is essential and crucial in understanding what’s happening in the industry giving them an edge when working with their agencies.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your services more resourceful?
Together with their partners, RedFilo has been developing different technologies to digitize event processes to be employed both internally and externally. One such is project management tracking software that allows each architect to streamline priorities, track progress, and development of an event.
The program has the flexibility for various conversions, such as it can be used as a workbook to be shared with clients during the pre-event phase and as a show book on event execution. A Client communication has become more efficient and achieving a higher level of accuracy of data for dissemination.
What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals? 
As an astute business owner, Pach has outlined three business goals. “RedFilo has adopted a three-prong approach; Expansion, Creation and Engagement, Collaboration.” Explaining the goals, Pach detailed the following:
Expansion. I have started to expand the business geographically, with its Headquarters located in Abu Dhabi, now have offices and partner offices in Beirut, Dubai, KSA, Malaysia, and Singapore. This is only the start; plans are underway to establish more offices in several other locations. Besides expanding in various countries, I am also looking into acquiring complementary business verticals, such as event landscaping and event technologies, that will enhance or expand our current offerings.
Creation & Engagement. One of RedFilo’s core strengths is in event creation and implementation. With the start of Neorun, a RedFilo sports/fun event IP has generated tremendous responses from the public and has seen both event popularity growth and a rewarding ROI in branding and revenue. I look forward to creating more IPs that can be offered as event solutions, elevating experiential events to the next level, ushering in better and fresher community engagement, both socially and from a business standpoint.
Collaboration. Not just for survival sake, more on leveraging the core skills of each partner, allowing each of us to do what we do best in response to today’s competitive environment. This will strengthen business relationships, loyalty as partners in a consortium that will bring about greater impact in solution offerings to the clients.”