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Redefining the term Beauty

Redefining the term Beauty
When you hear the term ‘a beautiful woman’, what is the first thought that comes in your mind? A woman with beautiful face, figure or posture, may be? Don’t you think, beauty is beyond those stereotypical perceptions? In my opinion, beauty lies in anything that pleases the aesthetic senses; thoughts, vision, approach, confidence, in absolutely everything.
However, in the social setting where woman is considered inferior to man, evidently, the beauty in thoughts struggles sustaining its value. Sometimes a woman with an ingenious mind and exceptional capabilities is neglected just because she is a woman. Be it business, education, or employment, she the discrimination is quite visible. We can term it male ego, socially stoned opinion or prejudices, but we can’t deny it exists to an extent.
Yes, the shift is happening and we are now in the times where society is accepting contribution of women and encouraging them to make their own mark. However, every welcoming evolution is a fruit of unforgettable sacrifices of revolutionaries. Their courage, confidence and determination to take the stand embark the rise. The empowering journey, bundled with grace and perseverance of these individuals, keeps inspiring generations to walk on the path they desire to pave. Every field is blessed with women who has challenged typical mindsets and created an unwavering impact on the respective sector through their work. Art, science, business, every single entity has flowered with their contributions.
Entrepreneurship specifically is a tough road to travel. With all the misogyny that exists around, it becomes even tougher for women. Finding time for her becomes hard and stressful after ensuring all the household duties are served properly. Imagine establishing a company and running it successfully. From proving the idea in male dominant society, raising funds to incepting a team that shares same vision and approach, she does it all, when she decides to walk an extra mile. A homemaker running a prolific catering business from home or a millennial techy innovating a revolutionary gadget, it showcases that she is capable of conquering everything.
On this women’s day Insights Success proudly presents an exclusive edition ‘The 20 Most Successful Shepreneurs to Watch in 2019’ that exhibits the inspiring journey of some renowned shepreneurs dominating various sectors. They are the symbols of a far-reaching beauty, a beauty of work embedded with the thoughts and soul.
Let’s relish the contributions that made the business world more beautiful than ever.
Quote: “When she decides to walk an extra mile, success is predictable. It is just about the firm first step”

– Kedar Kulkarni