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Redefining Human Resources with Evolving Technological Trends

Human resource is basically the professional field that involves optimizing relationships between employers and employees while simultaneously ensuring that both groups positively contribute to the functioning of the businesses or organizations.

The following are a few technological trends that bring a major change in human resources management software and industry

1) Big Data Powers Organization:

Technology has transformed the monotony through HR platforms that digitize the information human resource needs. One such technological trend is Big Data, which is helping HR professionals to understand their customers, market to target audience group and communicate with prospective customers. When integrated with other technologies, Big Data helps to gain a deep insight and allows HR professionals to make decisions powered by vital information

2)  Mobile Apps are the Future:

Smartphone is likely to dominate the HR landscape this year. As the workforce across various operations seeking access to applications via mobile devices, companies are considering to adapt their HR systems. Delivering this kind of functionality implies that organizations will consider HR applications with mobilization process and the interface that employees are looking for. 

 3)  Social Media – A powerful tool:

Social media plays an active in HR today, especially when it comes to recruitment. Around a quarter of employers are using social media channels like LinkedIn to recruit staff. HR departments can use social media not only for recruitment and for employee engagement. It is considered as a prime source for companies to reach their HR goals

 4)  Cloud based HR systems:

Be it a web application or a native application, SaaS apps play a key role in every sector including the Human Resource Department. With the advent of cloud technologies, all the information such as documents and other pertinent information can be easily accessed online. As HR departments continue to embrace SaaS applications, the integration of cutting-edge technologies like the AI video interview platform further propels the evolution of hiring processes. This innovative tool not only streamlines candidate assessments but also introduces a more objective and standardized approach to evaluating potential hires. With the convenience of cloud technologies, HR professionals can seamlessly incorporate AI video interviews into their recruitment strategies, fostering a more efficient and technologically advanced approach to talent acquisition.

Challenges faced by HR industry:

1) Talent retention:

Talent management is the term used to describe the HR process of hiring and retaining top employees. Companies sometimes need to offer more in terms of benefit packages or incentives, because people increasingly look for jobs that reduce their risks in tough economic times. Employers are advised to identify their key employees from entry-level to upper-level management and take the appropriate steps that are unique to their businesses to retain these individuals

2) Leadership Development:

As companies grow and expand, developing leaders who are promotable is important. Leadership development also connects to retention in two ways. Employees often indicate poor manager leadership as a reason for leaving jobs. Additionally, employees want more active leadership roles in decisions within their departments and jobs, which may necessitate training.

3) Corporate Culture:

Human resources plays an active role in the development of an organizational culture. Great workplaces with a great corporate culture are more financially successful than their peers. Great workplaces have lower employee turnover than their competitors and are able to recruit top talent that fits their culture and needs. The result is they provide top quality customer service and create innovative products and services that contribute to their overall financial success.

 Technology is the future in HR:

Workplaces around the world are continuously changing due to technology. Technology is revolving around HR to automate and streamline practices for the department and company to become the definition of efficiency, high performance and cost-effectiveness

1) Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment:

The HR department loses numerous hours on resumes from unqualified people. This is one area where technology may solve the problem. Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the front foot in regards to developing specific HR tech. Recruiting and AI fit perfectly together due to the simple fact that AI demands huge amounts of data and companies have millions of resume in their databases. Going through such a large database is exhausting for a person, but with the help of AI the process of screening can be done rapidly and offer a compelling list of candidates based on job requirements by means of simply grading them from best to worst

2) Schedule and outreach automation:

Automation can be a big help in recruitment. Discovering top talent in today’s world is hard enough and recruiters require automation to intelligently pick their candidates.Automation can be helpful in many ways. Recruiters can automate their calendars and email to send requests to candidates that have been identified as good matches using the AI screening tool, so recruiters don’t have to deal with B-list candidates.

3) Training and Testing through Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual reality simulates the environment surrounding us which can be controlled through our body movements. Recruiters can use this technology to assess a candidate’s skills and abilities. Employers deal with high employee turnover rates in the first year due to mismatch. VR could be massive for the HR industry because it could help reduce turnover by providing candidates with a realistic view of what the job consists of and get to understand the company culture as well.

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