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Rebecca Geller: An Out of the Box Thinker and Eloquent Orator

A successful business does not just mean how innovative the new idea is or how well business processes are implemented, but it also requires businesses to make sure that their processes are established on solid legal grounds, intangible assets of the company are protected legally, and the company’s interests are secured by binding, enforceable contracts. Legal advice is extremely valuable as it can address prevent serious problems many businesses will inevitably face. It can address a variety of issues including business formation concerns, legal matters associated with compliance, registering businesses for federal, state, and local taxes, helping businesses obtain federal trademark and copyright protection, contractual rights, liability concerns, and drafting employment agreements.
The Geller Law Group is doing the daunting task for business owners, helping them to utilize the best for different purposes. The firm assists companies in various transactions to ensure a business can succeed without being stymied by legal landmines.
Meet the Maestro behind ‘The Geller Law Group’
Rebecca Geller, President and CEO of The Geller Law Group, founded the firm in 2011 with the goal of providing high-quality legal services while emphasizing a healthy work–life balance for the firm’s staff. Rebecca stands out as a leader in the legal industry, revolutionizing the law firm model to create a place where parents can be lawyers and successfully balance legal careers with being an actively involved parent. Under her leadership in less than 5.5 years, the firm has blossomed into a vibrant company with 14 employees. They have over 2,000 clients and expect to exceed $2 million in revenue in 2017. The firm has averaged 60-70% revenue growth every year for the past 3 years. Rebecca has appeared in numerous television interviews such as MSNBC Your Small Business and the Washington Business Report program to offer legal advice to entrepreneurs and families.
The Geller Law Group was profiled by The New York Times in 2015 for its innovative approach to maintaining work/life balance. Most recently, the firm was profiled by the DC Bar magazine in recognition of the firm’s leadership in reinventing the law firm model to create genuine work/life balance for their employees.
Rebecca has done things differently from the start – she encouraged her employees to work from home and to build their schedules around the lives of their families and clients. She realized that just as much business could be done at a playgroup as it can at a golf course. Rebecca has also underscored the idea that a firm that understands the way modern families work can provide truly personalized services. She wants the people who work for her to be happy in their jobs and happy in their lives because that attitude gets passed on to the work they do for their clients. The numbers show how successful her approach has been. For the past 2 years, the firm has averaged 7-10 new clients every single week.
Rebecca is involved in the community as a lawyer and as an activist, and she is invited to give over 50+ speeches and presentations every year to organizations and groups about legal issues, work/life balance, and activism. In May 2015, Rebecca delivered a speech in the U.S. Capitol as part of a press conference with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Members of Congress to advocate for women’s economic security issues including paid leave, flex schedules, and telecommuting. In 2016, Rebecca became a professional speaker with the National Speakers Association.
Empowering Women to Reach their Potential
In 2015, Rebecca led efforts to pass legislation in Virginia to allow women the right to breastfeed children in public places (Virginia was one of 3 states in the U.S. that did not have this law prior to 2015). Her leadership was profiled in the Washington Post and numerous other D.C. area publications. Governor McAuliffe invited her to participate in the bill-signing ceremony in the governor’s mansion with her family. Since then, Rebecca has become a leading legal activist providing pro bono legal representation to women who are erroneously told that they are not allowed to breastfeed their children in various public places.
Turning Obstacles into Success
Under Rebecca’s leadership, the firm has volunteered over 500 hours of pro bono legal work every year for the past four years. In March 2017, she organized a training for 150+ lawyers in the DC-area to learn how to help unaccompanied, vulnerable children coming to the U.S. who are in need of legal help. Rebecca worked closely with KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) to recruit the lawyers and facilitate the training so that the legal volunteers can take on pro bono cases to help children navigate legal issues involved in seeking asylum, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases, or the U & T visa processes. The Geller Law Group has also personally handled several of these cases pro bono.
Throughout 2017, Rebecca has worked with community partners to facilitate the legal component of several immigration outreach clinics to help undocumented immigrants to complete necessary paperwork (such as power of attorney documents) to ensure that their children will be taken care of in case the parents are deported. For the past four years, Rebecca has volunteered on a monthly basis as an instructor and mentor at the Center for Business Partnership in Springfield, VA providing pro bono legal assistance to individuals looking for help to launch their businesses.
In addition to the firm’s pro bono legal work, Rebecca organizes firm-wide volunteer days 2x/year in which the entire company shuts down for a business day and the whole team volunteers to help the community in soup kitchens and food pantries.
Rebecca is also a mom of 3 young kids (ages 3, 6, and 8). She is a hands-on parent actively involved in her kids’ many extracurricular activities (baseball, soccer, swimming, guitar lessons, etc), serves as room parent, chaperones their field trips, and regularly volunteers in their classrooms and school activities.

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