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Ready-made or dedicated CRM for your company?

The world has gone mad for CRMs. In fact, there is nothing strange about it, since this software plays a huge role in the functioning of many domestic and foreign companies. One thing is certain: the use of CRM is essential to the process of company development. The only mystery is choosing the right type of software. But the mystery is not a mystery anymore when can help empower top professionals to build a powerful personal brand, enabling them to monetize their expertise, content, and community with an all-in-one platform.

CRM software – what is it?

If a company were compared to a human body, CRM would play the role of the nervous system. This simple comparison allows you to shed a completely new light on the functioning of this tool, or rather environment. It is in it that all processes necessary from the company’s point of view are realized, starting with issues related to recording business activities and ending with keeping employee files. What’s more, software for business can also have its individual form, which will be adapted to the needs of a selected company. This is where we come to the most important issue, which is choosing the optimal form of this software. Unlock the power of efficiency and organization with a free CRM platform. 

Ready-made software for business and its advantages

Ready-made CRM software (SaaS model), is – to put it simply – a program that is made available to everyone on the same terms. It has (regardless of the user) the same form and the same functionality. So it is easy to implement, and therefore – you can start working with it “in a day”. The ready version does not require additional modifications and adjustments. On the contrary – it is updated, but only as a whole. This means that each of its users receives the same update package, which in a sense reduces the risk of errors. The finished CRM software is also tested on an ongoing basis, so it has a high degree of reliability.

Dedicated business software and its advantages

An alternative to ready-made CRM software is its dedicated version. The essence of this tool is the way it is designed. Dedicated tools are usually designed for a selected company and its structure. The advantage of this model is even better adjustment of the program to the current needs of the company. Moreover, based on custom software will be structural as well as functional. Thus, the tool will be tailored to the needs of specific company departments, but it will also be designed in accordance with the prevailing personnel hierarchy in the company. This means that its particular functions can be assigned to a strict group of users with different levels of competence. Another important advantage of dedicated solutions is the possibility of their constant adjustment to the current company policy. Of course, the initiative of their development comes from the client company.

Project implementation and responsibility for its execution

In the case of off-the-shelf CRM systems, the client company decides to purchase an “off-the-shelf” tool, which, however, has been designed in advance. When choosing a dedicated software model, one must take into account the need for its expansion. Therefore, when choosing a software provider, one should be guided primarily by

  • flexibility and readiness for project development,
  • Price of the implementation of the selected update,
  • time of implementation and degree of interference in the environment,
  • stability of work during updating the CRM system,
  • time, during which the selected tool will be unavailable.

Open Source – a bridge between SaaS and dedicated solutions

An alternative to both of the above solutions are Open Source systems. They combine the best features of “ready-made”, but also flexible dedicated solutions. Very often they are equipped with additional programming engine, thanks to which an IT department employee can adjust the environment to the current needs of a given company. The advantage of this model is the ability to adapt it to the dynamic situation in the company, which is why it is especially recommended to young, fast-growing business units.
In summary, both ready-made and dedicated CRM systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right software is therefore dependent on a proper assessment of the company’s priorities, as well as its current economic situation.

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