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Rayna Tours Success Story: From a Single Outlet to the UAE’s Number One DMC

Rayna Tours and Travels is a Dubai-based travel management company with its branches all over the world. Starting from a single travel boutique at a Dubai hotel more than a decade ago, the company has now become one of the travel giants, thanks to its impactful yet sensible strategies that have contributed to its impressive journey. Yes, the success story of Rayna Tours and Travels is so inspiring that it will make you believe that you can do it or grow your business with minimal resources. Continue reading the post to know more about Rayna Tours’ significant success stages as well as the main people behind its success.


In 2006, Manoj Tulsani and Kamlesh Ramchandani founded Rayna Tours and Travels in Dubai at Flora Grand Hotel. They both had worked together at Safeer Group of Companies in the early 2000s, and their common passion for travel and entrepreneurship ignited the initial flare for the launch of Rayna Tours. And they started it all with a simple goal: to make available value-packed Dubai activities and tours for the hotel guests. So, let us see how Rayna Tours turned out to be a glowing success over the years!


Rayna Tours was started almost from scratch, and both its founders came from the trading industry. They, apparently, didn’t have adequate experience or knowledge in the service sector, and the inadequacy of funds, plus the absence of a strong mentor and a well-devised business plan, added to the company’s initial struggles. But these impediments didn’t last long. Despite the ongoing challenges, they thoroughly reviewed every failure and took lessons from it. This reflected the overall running of their business. As their concept got wide acceptance and recognition from their guests and industry alike, they opened some 15 outlets in less than two years by 2008.


Rayna Tours was started out from a single outlet, but it never wanted to remain small or just another ordinary travel agency. It, therefore, has adopted the most innovative and out-of-the-box strategies to harness the potential of travel trends in the region. This is evident in its every stage, right from its humble start to the expansion spree (in just two years)to its establishment as a leading destination management company by 2009.

The company was launched at a time when most people overlooked the importance of pre-booking things to see and do in Dubai. And Rayna Tours’ emphasis on taking care of this part was incredibly unique back then. Following its attainment of a strong foothold in the UAE’s travel industry, the company used a great deal of resources and time to improve the quality and affordability of its offerings.

This not only resulted in some inevitable industry tie-ups but also led to the reinforcement of their product portfolio. Rayna Tours is now one of those handful of travel companies with its own desert camp as well as a whole lineup of limos, cruise vessels, and other vehicles that would cater to every logistic or transport requirement of their guests.

As the company began to grow, it realized how vital it is to magnify the scope of its products and services. This led to the expansion of their reach to more and more destinations across the globe. Rayna Tours now has a presence in over ten countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

That’s not all; Rayna Tours also boasts of exceptional visibility on the web through its two main portals on B2C and B2B ( and plus a wide array of dedicated apps, programs, and deals websites. The company even has an in-house technical facility to ensure the efficient and up-to-date functioning of its technical inventories.


Coming from a humble background, Manoj Tulsani is one of the main brains who scripted the inspirational story of Rayna Tours and Travels. He came to Dubai from Ajmer, Rajasthan (where he was born and brought up) in 1999. He started his career with the Safeer Group of Companies and later worked with the Time Machine Group of Companies till he decided to dip his toes into the world of travel entrepreneurship after seven years.

As Rayna Tours’ CEO, Manoj has been largely instrumental in transforming its existence from a single outlet to a highly admired and recognized destination management company. Apart from this, the company is now helmed by a strong managerial team. Mr. Yasser Noman is the company’s Group Executive Chairman who has over 30 years of rich expertise and leadership in the industry. Since 2018, he has led the company to accomplish unprecedented business growth following the amalgamation of his DMC, Arabian Explorers, with Rayna Tours.

Mr. Himanshu Laul is another trusted leader who has immensely contributed to the company’s success. He is known for his impressive creativity, strong educational background (from IIT Roorkee), and proven track record in developing-worthy business ventures. In his current capacity as Rayna Tours’ Managing Director, he is responsible for implementing several significant strategies that have enabled the company’s growth and success from a long-term perspective.


With over 16 years of outstanding industry presence, it is not a surprise that Rayna Tours and Travels is an award-winning destination management company. It has been bestowed with several esteemed accolades for its remarkable customer care services and personalized tours, and all-inclusive packages. Most prominent among them is the recent Travelers’ Choice from TripAdvisor, which it received twice in a row, and that too at one of the most difficult times during the peak of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021. The company is also the recipient of the Arabian Travel Awards for the Best Destination Management Company and the Best B2B Portal in 2018. It also became the Best Partner for Dubai Parks and Resorts in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Rayna Tours and Travels is now a part of the multi-million dollar Rayna Group that continues to expand and diversify its offerings. When asked about that main secret success ingredient for our readers, Manoj asserts, “While there is not any one-size-fits-all success ingredient, you can definitely touch the pinnacle of triumph with the perfect recipe or concoction of right attitude, creativity, perseverance, and in-depth market or industry knowledge.”

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